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Food & Wine Full Show: September 22

Ben Malouf joins Luke Davis and Julian King for Food and Wine.

7 mins ago / 30:59
Sake Samurai

The team lean about sake from Australia’s first female sake samurai Yukino Ochiai.

19 mins ago / 10:21
Matcha Maiden

Sarah Holloway owner and founder of Matcha Maiden explains the phenomenon of ‘matcha’.

31 mins ago / 10:29
State Election On The Horizon?

Treasurer Scott Morrison joined the program and a growing number of Federal MP’s doing the rounds across Queensland. Could a state election be on the cards? Ben and Scott talk everything from Energy to Tony Abbott.

5 hours ago / 13:33
Scuba Diving In The Logan River

Stolen Vehicles are being recovered in the Logan River which led Ben to find out the task is being undertaken by Army Divers. To get a better idea of just what they do sapper Jack McGaffin, from the first combat engineer regiment in Darwin joined the program.

5 hours ago / 09:19
Health Star Rating Doesn’t Get 5 Stars

Following on from the potential tax on sugary soft drinks and BMI’s not giving us a true understanding of obesity, Ben gets Doctor Joanna McMillan a nutrition scientist to dissect the 5 Star Health Ratings you see at the supermarkets.

5 hours ago / 06:47
Minister Back In The Mix

The CCC will not take criminal action against Queensland Labor MP Mark Bailey after he was cleared of all charges related to using his private email account for work use. Sarah Elks from The Australian gives Ben an in-depth analysis of the events.

5 hours ago / 08:23
Entertainment with Jo Casamento

Chris catches up with Jo Casamento to get the latest on movies and entertainment.

9 hours ago / 07:37
Trevor Long: iPhone 8

Talking Technology host Trevor Long chats to Ray about the new iPhone 8 and coaches him through how to download updates

12 hours ago / 13:25
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