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Movies with Alex First

Alex First joins Steve Price to talk this week’s new releases at the box office.

3 hours ago / 18:48
Dymocks’ New Top 101 Books

Steve Price is joined by Steve Cox, Managing Director of Dymocks to discuss Dymocks’ new top list of 101 books that was released today.

3 hours ago / 11:59
Shooters, Fishers, Farmers Party and Greyhound Racing

Robert Borsak, MLC in the NSW State Goverment joins Steve Price to talk the party’s position on the Greyhound Racing industry in NSW.

4 hours ago / 10:58
Dental Health with Dr Larry Benge: Wednesday 29 March

Dr Larry Benge from the Malo Clinic joins Steve Price to discuss the latest in the ALL-ON-4 system.

4 hours ago / 05:57
The Courses and Careers Show: Wednesday March 29

Danny Bielik joins Steve Price to talk courses and careers and take your calls.

4 hours ago / 20:14
Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown joins Ross or his weekly segment on technology

6 hours ago / 03:27
Hospital Parking Win

Ben speaks to Dave Copeman from the Queensland Community Alliance with an exclusive announcement of a new trial of parking concessions at Prince Charles Hospital

9 hours ago / 09:33
Health Insurance Premiums set to rise

Laura Crowden from iSelect chats to Chris about how to be smart when it comes to health insurance.

12 hours ago / 07:03
Ward Thomas

UK country duo Ward Thomas join Ray live in the studio to perform Cartwheels from their new album

14 hours ago / 15:08
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