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Andrew Bolt & Michael McLaren, Monday September 25

Andrew Bolt and Michael McLaren, in for Steve Price, discuss the day’s politics.

Men’s Shed Week 2017

David Helmers from the Australian Men’s Shed Association talks to Warren Moore about how Men’s Sheds benefit the community.

53 mins ago / 07:46
Calls for Uber audit in Australia

Finance guru Scott Hayward joins Warren Moore to discuss calls for an Australian audit of Uber following London’s ban.

2 hours ago / 09:35
Russell Setright

Warren Moore chats to naturopath, Russell Setright, about how to create an appropriate asthma management plan for the flu season.

2 hours ago / 09:05
The Bottom Line – Tuesday 26th of September

Carly Tonkinson from IT Financial Services joins Warren Moore for The Bottom Line. ITFS is an independently owned, boutique financial planning and investment advisory firm. It is a testament to the stability we provide to our clients that the founding partners are all self-employed and have worked together for almost 20 years.

2 hours ago / 40:24
Sports Update With James Willis, September 25

James Willis joins Michael McLaren to sum up the weekend in sport.

7 hours ago / 06:50
Kel Richards Reminds Us What Not To Say

Kel Richards, Author of ‘The Story of Australian English,’ joins Michael McLaren to remind us of the history and current problems with the language.

7 hours ago / 09:28
The Battle of Polygon Wood

Seven News’ Nick McCallum joins Michael McLaren to talk the anniversary of the Battle of Polygon Wood.

8 hours ago / 10:55
Chinese Influence in Universities

Primrose Riordan, Political reporter with The Australian, joins Michael McLaren to take a look at this growing issue.

8 hours ago / 10:29
The Informed Investor, September 25

Carolyn Parrella from Terri Scheer, Australia’s leading landlord insurance specialist, joins Steve Price to take an informed look at tips and traps for property investors.

8 hours ago / 09:49
The Property Show with Charles Tarbey

Century 21 Chairman Charles Tarbey joins Michael McLaren to talk the latest in the property market.

8 hours ago / 11:25
Car Advice with Michael McLaren, September 25

Paul Maric joins Michael McLaren, in for Steve Price from Tasmania to take your calls on the latest in motoring.

9 hours ago / 20:55
Jonathan Chancellor

Jonathan Chancellor from talks to Ross about the weekend in real estate

10 hours ago / 03:24
A new era of Space in Australia

Ross speaks to Sky Space and Global CEO Meir Moalem after his company complete the first successful phone call, instant messaging and image transfer through nano-satellites after Government announced it will create it own space agency in an attempt to cash in on the $420billion aeronautical industry.

10 hours ago / 05:43
The Economics of Energy

Brett Redman, the CFO at AGL talks to Ross about why keeping the Liddell  coal-fired power station open is a costly proposition that may not  give stability in the market

11 hours ago / 10:49
ATM fee removal a PR stunt?

Martin North from Digital Financial Analytics  talks to Ross about why ATM use is falling which has seen the big four banks cut their ATM fees

12 hours ago / 10:49
Energy Crisis: “We were laughed out of Canberra”

Lindsay Partridge, CEO of Brickworks, talks to Ross about why he has no faith in government to solve the energy crisis

12 hours ago / 09:56
Buy Local or Buy QLD?

After the LNP released their ‘Buy Local’ policy Ben asked Opposition leader, Tim Nicholls how it differs from the Palaszczuk government’s ‘Buy Queensland’ policy

12 hours ago / 11:03
Madonna King

Ben speaks to Madonna King about Malcolm Turnbull’s latest polling results and why every family should host an exchange student

13 hours ago / 15:17
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