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Ashes Chairman of Selectors: Trevor Hohns

Ben spoke to Chairman of Selectors, Trevor Hohns, after the 13 man squad for the first two Ashes Tests were named, asking him how tough the selection process was and what those who missed out need to do now

The medium car segment continues to struggle, in many ways suffering at the hands of well-equipped and larger small cars – small cars really growing over the last 20 years. With Toyota locally built and sharply priced medium –sized Camry leaving the market Hyundai has thrown its hat in the ring with a revitalized and […]

49 mins ago / 01:00

Peugeot as a brand has struggled in recent years however a new importer and a revitalized dealer network plus some new models are expected to lift the French imports profile. February will bring a new Peugeot SUV flagship, the 5008, a seven-seater, joining the smaller 3008 launched several months back which has quickly become Peugeot […]

2 hours ago / 01:01

The luxury car tax has long been the nemesis of the car industry – introduced 18 years ago it was designed to ensure consumers gave preference to Australian made vehicles which of course has now ended. Bringing in around $600 million dollars to the Government – the threshold for the tax applies to cars priced […]

3 hours ago / 01:29

Buyers agent Bryce Holdaway bids at auctions professionally.  He does it with OPM – Other People’s Money – so he knows how to do it well.  Here are his tips

3 hours ago / 06:31

Chris Gray and Kevin Turner respond to a listener question:  “I am struggling to get a start at property investing.  I have been saving like mad and have $15K ready to go.  Not enough.  I just don’t seem to be able to get ahead.  My sister and her boyfriend are in the same position.  Together […]

3 hours ago / 09:59

The rapid growth in popularity of SUV’s in the last few years has come at the expense of the sedan market more so at the premium end of the small, medium and large car segments For example, sales of small cars above $40,000 are down 12 percent with some like the Audi A3 down 17%. […]

4 hours ago / 01:28

Ivan Bresic joins Luke Davis and Julian King to talk the week in property.

13 hours ago / 09:20

Ross Wilson from the legendary Mondo Rock joins Luke Davis and Julian King ahead of the band’s 2018 tour.

13 hours ago / 14:23

Listen to the full show podcast of Food and Wine with Ben Malouf, Luke Davis and Julian King for November 17.  

14 hours ago / 41:58

Les McLaren from the Australian Beer Can Collectors Assoc. joins Food and Wine to talk the hobby.

14 hours ago / 07:34

Mike Hayes from Symphony Hill Wines was awarded Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology’s Winemaker of The Year. Mike joins Food and Wine to talk his career and the award.

14 hours ago / 13:27

Legendary restaurateur Matt Moran joins Food and Wine to talk two of his latest projects: Barangaroo House and Veggie Van.

14 hours ago / 12:54

Trent Nikolic from joins Luke Davis and Julian King to talk the Car Advice Car of the Week.

15 hours ago / 07:04

Sam Cawthorn, a body language expert, joins Luke Davis and Julian King to talk the power of body language and how those in leadership roles use it to great effect.

15 hours ago / 09:08

Michael Pachi joins Luke Davis and Julian King to discuss the week in politics.

15 hours ago / 10:53

Listen to the full show podcast of Sportzone with Mark Levy for November 17.  

16 hours ago / 38:06

Dr. Shalin Naik from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research talks to Ross about leading an Australian effort to map every cell in the human body.

17 hours ago / 04:57

ACCC Deputy Chair, Michael Schaper talks to Ross about Red Balloon becoming the first company to be hit with fines for excessive payment surcharges.

17 hours ago / 04:58
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Listen to the full show podcast of Sportzone with Mark Levy for November 17.  

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