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He’s back: John Alexander defeats Kristina Keneally in Bennelong by-election

Labor candidate Kristina Keneally has conceded defeat in the Bennelong by-election The former NSW Premier has lost the Federal seat to Liberal John Alexander, who was forced into the by-election after being caught-up in the dual citizenship fiasco. Indications are that he has suffered a swing of about 5 per cent, but no where near […]

Australia 328 & 173-0
England 302 & 195
328 & 173-0
302 & 195

Parents are being warned to watch their children around water this summer.


Jacqui is a hardworking volunteer for her local rural fire brigade in northern New South Wales. She’s also the guardian of her 11-year-old granddaughter Shakaya who suffered severe burns a few months ago. The pair regularly travels in a non-airconditioned car to Westmead Children’s Hospital in Sydney to give Shakaya the treatment she needs. A […]


There’s nothing better than a succulent Christmas ham that’s glazed to perfection.


Ivan McNally from McNally’s Newry Butchery talks to Ross about why he’s hanging up his butchers knife after 72 years.

5 mins ago / 07:00

Dr. John Tickell talks to Ross about why people who live the longest aren’t necessarily always the richest

5 mins ago / 12:08

Ross looks back at some of the memorable guests on Work Life Money

6 mins ago / 06:15

Renowned demographer Bernard Salt talks to Ross about the jobs of the future, and which ones people are ditching

6 mins ago / 09:57

That is the dilemma facing many potential homeowners today. It seems that buying a home is more costly – and time demanding – than renting a home. Kevin’s in-studio guest is Nicola McDougall.

1 hour ago / 04:49

This market is seeing increased sales volumes, which means there are more buyers in the market. This is good news, however, the property market has yet to turn the corner toward recovery

1 hour ago / 11:11

This week on Life and Technology, Charlie got to more about Google Home and the Google Home mini from Director of Marketing, Australia & NZ at Google, Aisling Finch  

1 hour ago / 06:24

The Ipswich house market has demonstrated consistent growth over the past year, adding 3.1% to the median, reaching $335,000.

1 hour ago / 03:40

This week on Life and Technology, Charlie spoke to Training Manager at Fossil, Linton Davey about Fossil’s hybrid watches.

1 hour ago / 08:21

Southeast Queensland’s world-class beaches are driving median price growth for our coastal housing markets, with Noosa reining supreme at 9.6% annual growth, closely followed by the Gold Coast. Nicola McDougall joins Kevin Turner on today’s programme.

2 hours ago / 12:26

This week on Life and Technology, Charlie spoke about his newly installed Tesla solar panels.

2 hours ago / 10:05

Erin McWhirter, the editor of Foxtel Magazine, talks to Warren Moore about the latest in TV News

14 hours ago / 07:11

Scott Whitmont from Lindfield Bookshop reviews the latest new releases

14 hours ago / 10:49

Sharon Hurst reviews this week’s releases. 

16 hours ago / 11:39

David Broome from the iconic Brooklyn pub joins Mark and The Duck.

16 hours ago / 05:02
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Image: Wolter Peeters Fairfax, Audio: Sky News Labor Senator Sam Dastyari has quit federal politics. His resignation comes following countless revelations about his relationship with a Chinese businessmen linked to the communist party. Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop tells Deborah Knight the disgraced senator should have been sacked weeks ago. “He’s unfit to represent the Australian […]

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Jeremy Hirschhorn, Deputy Commissioner at the ATO talks to Ross about the The ATO’s latest corporate tax transparency report and cracking down on cash payments to tradies.

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