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4BC Drive: Could corporate sponsorship affect schools?

4BC Drive: Could corporate sponsorship affect schools?

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Corporate schooling

4BC Drive: After Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s visit to America, the Government is thinking about gaining sponsorship for schools by corporations, including fast food chains.

Show Highlights

Jumping for Goodwill

Pat jump 4BC Mornings: In a complete moment of madness, Patrick Condren asked his producer, Heather Stott, if she would like to jump off the Goodwill Bridge, but the tables have turned!

Dr Karl explains static fires

Dr Karl 4BC Drive: Yesterday 4BC Drive received notice that the RACQ careflight chopper had been called to the Maryborough Airport to take care of a pilot who’d received serious burns after refuelling his aircraft.

Friday Drinks

4BC Drive: Friday Drinks 4BC Drive: Time for Friday Drinks. Every Friday afternoon 4BC Drive chats with wine blogger, Steve from QWine. This week the focus is on slightly more expensive wines and what you get for your dollar!

Must Do Brisbane

4BC Drive Must Do Brisbane

4BC Drive: Looking for something to do in the River City this weekend ? Ben Davis speaks to Jodi Panayotov from 'Must Do Brisbane' who gives her pick of activities.

Imogen Brough

Imogen Brough 4BC Afternoons: Imogen Brough starred in last year's The Voice and was mentored by Ricky Martin - now her star is beginning to shine!

Melbourne's Dirty Secret

4BC Outback & Bay 4BC Afternoons: The shocking truth about Melbourne’s recycling system was revealed last night on Channel 9’s A Current Affair.

State asset lease questions answered

electrical assets 4BC Mornings: The government's decision to lease state assets has received mixed responses, but many people are still confused with the details.

The royal brew

Brewing for the royal 4BC Breakfast: Burleigh Brewing have been asked to brew up a special beer for Princess Anne.

Brisbane's tennis trail

brisbane tennis city 4BC Breakfast: A new project will see a fun and historic tennis trail, detailing Queensland's very best tennis stars, one of its major features will be a giant tennis ball.

Police of the Parliament

Vickers 4BC Drive: The shooting in Canada earlier today highlights the position of Sergeant At Arms, as Canadian Federal Parliament’s Kevin Vickers shot the gunman.

Woman of Influence

Elizabeth Broderick 4BC Drive: Elizabeth Broderick, Australia’s Sex Discrimination Commissioner, was reluctant to put herself forward for the Australian Financial Review and Westpac 100 Women of Influence Awards.

Brisbane Water: Up the creek

waterways 4BC Afternoons: Recent reports released on the state of Queensland’s water ways show a drop in quality.

Jail with pink walls

Gambling A recent story on the internet about gambling and the introduction of child-care centres alongside these venues has caused some consternation.

Qld responds to Canada shooting

ian stewart 4BC Mornings: Increased security measures have been put in place around Queensland Parliament on Thursday morning following the shooting in Canada.

Canada Parliament in lockdown

MPs block the door with chairs during a caucus meeting on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. (Photo: Nina Grewal) 4BC Online: A gunman believed to be behind the shooting in Canada's parliamentary building is believed to be shot dead.

Bombshells come to Brisbane

katherine 4BC Nights: Bombshell is a Broadway-style performance aiming to entertain and educate the public about the life and journey of famous bombshells.

Felicity Kendal

Felicity Kendall 4BC Afternoons: Michael and Clare welcomed to the studio, the ever-so-lovely Felicity Kendal, most well known for her role in 'The Good LIfe' as Barbara Good.

Qantas Jet Upgrade

Suitee 4BC Online: Qantas is stepping up the pressure on Virgin with a new “business Class War” between the two carriers, but it’ll be Brisbane that benefits from the move.

Fractures increase osteoporosis

Bone fracture 4BC Afternoons: It's osteoporosis week and the Scary Bones campaign aims to promote the awareness of fragility fracture

Tunney talks

Beattie 4BC Drive: Peter Beattie's unapologetic approach to the overspending has come under fire from the Auditor-General.

Labour during G20

closures 4BC Drive: The G20 is approaching, and more details are being revealed about public transport and road closures, especially for those needing to visit hospital

Business woman of the year

Denise Meyerson 4BC Afternoons: This award is going to be given to the appropriate female who has proved themselves in the world of business, later on this week.

Beattie refuses to apologise

springborg 4BC Mornings: Former premier Peter Beattie refused to apologise after an independent report found a budget blowout over three hospital projects.

The stars behind "It's Time" song

it's time campaign song 4BC Breakfast: The song for Gough Whitlam's campaign, "It's Time" paved the way for change in politics.

Protocols behind police firearm

cop 4BC Breakfast: What makes a police officer fire his weapon? Queensland Police Union President Ian Leavers explains.

Gasp! comes to Brisbane

GASP! 4BC Nights: Gasp! written by comedian and author Ben Elton will be coming to Brisbane at QPAC.


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