Talking Brisbane

Dick Smith announces support for Pauline Hanson

Dick Smith spoke to Warren Moore.

2:46 PM   Warren speaks with Dick about his offer to advise Pauline Hanson and One Nation

The Rat Pack from Vegas

'The Rat Pack' spoke to Warren Moore.

2:44 PM   ‘Frank’, ‘Dean’ & ‘Sammy’ join Warren live in studio.

Ray Hadley: Remembering Inspector Bryson Anderson

Adrew Scipione spoke to Ray Hadley

12:43 PM   NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione talks to Ray on the fourth anniversary of the death of Inspector Bryson Anderson

Ray Hadley: Bathurst Regional Council

The Deputy Mayor spoke to Ray Hadley

12:40 PM   The Deputy Mayor is grilled about the Mayor’s business dealings and Ray questions the motives of the local paper

Chris Smith: David Mackay

David Mackay spoke to Chris Smith.

9:45 AM   Chris talks to the Aussie record producer about his career, the stars he's worked with.

Calling all volunteers!

Peter Beattie spoke to Brisbane Live.

6:13 AM   Would you like to volunteer at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games? Peter Beattie joins Brisbane Live with all the details

Why are there no legal Nude Beaches in Queensland?

Dr Steven Boyd spoke to Brisbane Live

6:24 AM   Noosa Chamber of Commerce President Dr Steve Boyd explains why Alexandria Bay should be an official nude beach

One third of Aussies not receiving the correct amount of superannuation

David Whiteley spoke to Warren Moore

Warren speaks with Industry Super CEO David Whiteley.

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Gas Supply Shortfall

4:46 AM   Ross Greenwood speaks to the CEO of The Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association about why there is a gas supply shortfall

Ross Greenwood: Greg Hunt MP

Greg Hunt spoke to Money News.

4:50 AM   Ross Greenwood speaks to Industry, Innovation and Science Minister about a shortage of gas and the end of the green army

RBA Rate Decision

Bill Evans spoke to Money News.

4:48 AM   Ross Greenwood speaks to Bill Evans Westpac Chief Economist about the RBA rate decision tomorrow


4BC's cricket fixture: How to listen to Macquarie Radio's Summer of Cricket

The 4BC commentary team are back!

Everything you need to know about 4BC's Summer of Cricket.

Storm Emergency Contacts

Storms for Brisbane

All the emergency contact numbers you'll need this storm season

Happy Hour with Manu and Dr Karl

Manu and Dr Karl joined Ben to welcome in the weekend

Dr Karl and Manu join Ben in studio for a super-sized, fun-filled Happy Hour

Real Estate: Full Show Sun 4th Dec

Listen to Real Estate with Kevin Turner every Saturday and Sunday from 7am on 4BC

Listen to the full Real Estate with Kevin Turner: Sunday Dec 4th

Real Estate: Full Show Sat 3rd Dec

Listen to Real Estate with Kevin Turner every Saturday and Sunday from 7am on 4BC

Listen to the full Real Estate with Kevin Turner: Saturday Dec 3rd

Ray Hadley: Bob Rogers birthday

Bob Rogers spoke to Ray Hadley.

Legendary broadcaster Bob Rogers joins Ray in the studio ahead of his 90th birthday