Talking Brisbane

$8 million for new study into Bruce Highway

The Bruce Highway between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast is renowned for congestion.

Dominic Cansdale   A new study will investigate ways of reducing congestion between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Tributes flow for Adelaide coach Phil Walsh

Phil Walsh and his son Cy. Cy spoke of how he couldn't keep up with his father's 'iron will power' in everything he did.

Dominic Cansdale   Fans, officials and journalists alike have paid tribute AFL coach Phil Walsh who died early Friday morning.

Michael Caton talks Queensland, bulls and acting

In his latest movie, Michael Caton plays Rex, a dying cab driver who begins a journey to Darwin. The film was premiered in Winton's outdoor cinema.

Dominic Cansdale   From Skippy to the Castle, Micahel Caton is an iconic Australian actor who recently visited Winton to launch his new movie.

Dinosaurs and donations: how Winton became fossil country

With Australia's biggest fossil find under its belt, Winton is now known as dinosaur country but it could have never happened without a slather of generosity from locals.

Dominic Cansdale   The Australian Age of Dinosaurs began with a lucky find on a Winton farm and whole lot of generosity.

Will Greece turn to Russia?

Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Dominic Cansdale   As negotiations with European creditors falter, prospects of a Russia-Greece financial axis appear realistic.

Australian Dental Association condemns dodgy dentists

The Gentle Dentist surgery at Campsie, Sydney. Just one of four clinics that may have infected patients with HIV and Hep.

Dominic Cansdale   11 000 Sydney patients may have been infected with HIV and Hepatitis, but peak association says health standards are strict.

If Australia is a food bowl, why do we import so much food?

Nanna's Mixed Berries were at the heart of an Hepatitis A outbreak in February. This resulted in calls for clearer labelling and more Australian grown produce in supermarkets.

Dominic Cansdale   They say Australia is a food bowl yet over $12 billion worth of food is imported every year.

Reef not 'in danger' but concerns remain

Arguably one of the world's greatest natural wonders, the Great Barrier reef is not 'in danger' but UNESCO says it will monitor the government's reef management strategy.

Dominic Cansdale   Despite some concerns, the UN World Heritage Committee has applauded Australia's efforts to protect the reef.


New 'revolutionary' skin cancer drug now within reach

Melanoma under the microscope. The new drug Keytruda will 'train' the immune system to better detect these cells, resulting in fewer side effects for patients.

Dominic Cansdale   From $150 000 to just $38. Keytruda will be placed on the PBS, promising easier access for cancer sufferers.

Should trans-fats be banned?

Trans-fats could be in your trolley without you even realising it.

Nick King   Trans-fats continue to be included in food without being clearly labelled. Is it time to ban them all together?

Senate passes anti-piracy, website-blocking laws

Online piracy websites will be banned under legislation passed in the Senate on Monday.

Nick King   The Senate has passed controversial new legislation in attempt to protect copyright holders from online piracy.

Do you keep it in the fridge or the pantry?

With less preservatives added to sauces nowadays it is safest to keep them in the fridge.

Nick King   CSIRO Microbiologist Ailsa Hocking tells you the most hygienic place to store your Vegemite, eggs tomato sauce and more.

How well do you know your neighbour?

Communicating with your neighbour is becoming a thing of the past.

Nick King   Ben Davis received a letter which caused him to question his own neighbours & his sense of community.

Experience the Outback - Part 2

LJ's Outback Adventure

Live Australia's Story. Be mesmerised and inspired by Outback Queensland, where the land and the people tell Australia's story.

New worldwide Alzheimer's study calls for participants

Researchers hope to identify the genes associated with the early symptoms of Alzheimer's and find a way to delay their onset.

Dominic Cansdale   The 'Tommorrow Study' aims to delay the early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Can you help them?