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Professor Ian Plimer

Alan talks to the geologist and professor about the energy crisis and the Finkel review

Christopher Pyne cartoon

Joseph sent Ray this hilarious cartoon of Christopher Pyne by Mark Knight in today’s Herald Sun following the explosive leaked tape of the Minister saying he wants same-sex marriage legalised

11 mins ago
Chris Pyne’s a fixer

The Robertson Brothers new song about Christopher Pyne following the leaked recording of him boasting he voted for Malcolm Turnbull at every opportunity

2 hours ago / 01:54
Grace Collier

Alan talks to the industrial relations consultant and Australian newspaper columnist about the links between the A.L.P and unions

3 hours ago / 09:26
US Report – 27th June 2017

Alan talks to US correspondent Harley Carnes  

3 hours ago / 02:48
UK Report – 27th June 2017

Alan talks to UK correspondent Adam Gilchrist  

4 hours ago / 02:48
Will fruit juice trim your waist?

Russell Setright joins Michael McLaren

6 hours ago / 10:32
The Bottom Line – Tuesday June 27th

Carly Tonkinson from IT Financial Services joins Michael McLaren for The Bottom Line. ITFS is an independently owned, boutique financial planning and investment advisory firm. It is a testament to the stability we provide to our clients that the founding partners are all self-employed and have worked together for almost 20 years.

6 hours ago / 38:28
SA Conservatives to reject bank levy

MP will introduce legislation to block the SA bank levy

6 hours ago / 11:23
Sports Update With James Willis, June 26

James Willis joins Steve Price to take an extended look at the weekend that was in sport.

12 hours ago / 07:59
Ben Hughes-Brown on Facade Fire Safety

Former NSW Fire Brigade Chief Safety Engineer Ben Hughes-Brown joins Steve Price for his take on the building code in Australian not mandating full-scale testing of facades for fire safety.

12 hours ago / 09:01
Terry McCrann on South Australia’s Bank Tax

Terry McCrann, News Limited’s Business Columnist joins Steve Price for his take on the new South Australian bank tax.

12 hours ago / 07:07
Chris Kenny, June 26

Chris Kenny, Associate Editor of The Australian and host of Sky News’ ‘Heads Up’ joins Steve Price for his take on Christopher Pyne’s Same Sex Marriage claims and the new HRC chief Rosalind Croucher.

12 hours ago / 09:46
Four Corner’s Expose of Retirement Village Regulation

Investigative journalist Adele Ferguson joins Steve Price to talk her joint ABC-Fairfax investigation into the practices of retirement village operators.

12 hours ago / 09:28
Car Advice with Steve Price Monday June 26

Trent Nikolic from joins Steve Price to talk the latest in motoring news and take your calls.

12 hours ago / 32:38
Jonathan Chancellor

Jonathan Chancellor from joins Ross for his look at the how the real estate market fared over the weekend

15 hours ago / 02:12
The Pyne tapes

Phil Coorey the Chief Political Correspondent for the AFR talk to Ross about the massive fracture within the Liberal party over same-sex marriage

16 hours ago / 07:38
Takata: Airbag-maker files for bankruptcy

Joshua Dowling the National Motoring Editor for News Corp talks to Ross about Takata filing for bankruptcy following the recall of tens of millions of defective airbags

16 hours ago / 02:13
“South Australia’s Bank levy is double taxation and is a disgrace”

Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer reacts to the South Australian Governments proposed Bank levy and why it could curtail investment in the state

17 hours ago / 09:31
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Investigative journalist Adele Ferguson joins Steve Price to talk her joint ABC-Fairfax investigation into the practices of retirement village operators.

/ 09:28

Power prices go up, but energy reliability goes down. Professor Ian Plimer joins Michael McLaren.

/ 11:00

Ben gets all the sports news of the day from The Courier-Mail’s Crash Craddock including the Maroons’ selection dilemmas

/ 17 hours ago

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