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The Politics of Political Donations

Ben speaks to Greg Hallam, the Chief Executive of the Local Government Association of Queensland about why political donations are necessary and what should be banned instead

Full Show: Work Life Money

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5 hours ago / 39:00
Pension Spending is too high

Tony Shepherd, Chair National Commission of Audit, talks to Ross about pension spending being way to high and what needs to be done to curb it.

5 hours ago / 08:07
Hall of Fame and long time friend

Kerri-Anne Kennerely talks to Ross after her induction into the TV Week Logie Hall of Fame

5 hours ago / 11:34
60 years in politics has come to an end

Former Manly Mayor, Jean Hay, is set to retire after 60 years in politics.

5 hours ago / 07:00
Changes to Super are coming soon

Professor Robert Deutsche from the Senior Tax Council at the Tax Institute, talks to Ross about the impending changes to Super from July 1.

5 hours ago / 06:27
Life and Technology: April 30th

Listen to the full show podcast for April 30th Shout Outs In The Air With Virgin Australia’s In-Flight Wi-Fi Samsung’s 2017 soundbars aim for one piece to rule them all Belkin’s latest DuraTek USB cable reinforced with Kevlar hits Australian shelves Interviews Nick Savvides This week on Life and Technology, Charlie has a chat with Symantec […]

6 hours ago / 37:50
Danny Adamopoulos

This week on Life and Technology, Charlie got the low down from GM Motorola Mobility Australia, Danny Adamopoulos about the Motorola G5 and G5 plus which is now available in Australia.

6 hours ago / 06:59
Stefan Bisits Bullen

This week on Life and Technology, Charlie got to chat with CEO and Co-Founder at CONDUIT Sports, Stefan Bisits Bullen about the increase of small business, putting their business models to the test.

6 hours ago / 07:55
Remote security for your property

Natasha Morgan has started a business called ‘My Home Watch’, that specialises in looking after your property when you can’t be there, in addition to caring for the elderly

6 hours ago / 04:52
Dispelling some of the myths about building wealth

Michael Yardney continues his discussion with Kevin on why the distribution of wealth seems so unfair

6 hours ago / 05:47
Nick Savvides

This week on Life and Technology, Charlie has a chat with Symantec security expert Nick Savvides, to know more about the top internet/trend threats.  

6 hours ago / 09:26
Why many Aussies will never achieve financial security

It might seem unfair, especially to the ‘have nots’, that so few people share most of the wealth. So what is it that holds most people back from becoming wealthy?

6 hours ago / 05:41
How to approach agents to get the best deal

Buyers agent Josh Masters shares some of his secrets about dealing with agents, that will impact the purchase price

6 hours ago / 04:55
How important are returns?

What do investors tend to overlook BEFORE buying a property, that will impact returns AFTER the purchase?

6 hours ago / 07:12
Get the plan right!

Ben Kingsley explains the elements you need to have in your plan, for it to be successful

7 hours ago / 04:22
The new face of Australian homelessness

Former Age and Disability Discrimination Commissioner Susan Ryan talks to Luke about ageing women in financial strife being the new face of Australian homelessness

29/04/2017 / 07:44
Are we designed to be happy?

Dr Ali Walker explains to Luke how our brains are not designed to make us happy

29/04/2017 / 09:27
The Generational Shift is Happening

As we see a huge bubble in the population coming through, what impact will it have on the value of property? Demographer Chris McNeill gives us the facts and predicts what will likely happen.

29/04/2017 / 06:46
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Chris speaks with the woman behind the film, former feminist Cassie Jaye.  

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