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4BC Drive: Trucking companies report that it is near impossible to hire enough drivers

4BC Drive: Trucking companies report that it is near impossible to hire enough drivers

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The rise of the 'Lawnmower parent'

The rise of the 'Lawnmower Parent'

4BC Afternoons: Parenting Author and Expert, Maggie Dent, says parents should stop sweating the small stuff and should allow their children to make mistakes. 

Condren on the Tube

condren on youtube 4BC Mornings: Patrick Condren's thoughts of the day - Thursday the 2nd of October

Paying by phone


4BC Nights: Could we soon be living in a cashless society.

Dick Johnson helps create supercar

4BC Breakfast Dick Johnson helps build super car

4BC Breakfast: Local Logan legend Dick Johnson has helped create Australia’s most powerful police car.

Drivers frustrated by inactive roadworks

4BC Breakfast  Inactive roadworks are dangerous and annoying

4BC Breakfast: Reduced speed limits and other traffic control methods left in place at inactive roadwork sites are causing frustration among drivers.

Senate Inquiry - will it trigger an early election?


4BC Drive: How will a Senate Inquiry into the Queensland Government effect the next state election? 

The rags to riches tale of a particularly healing honey

Honey bee

4BC Afternoons: It is perhaps the first biography ever written about a type of honey. Cliff Van Eaton's new book 'Manuka: The Biography of an Extraordinary Honey' is a rags to riches tale that started in Australia about ten million years ago. 

What are the chances of getting stolen items back?


4BC Afternoons: What are your chances of getting back stolen items that have been recovered by the police? Senior Sergeant Corey Allen says the chances are getting better.

Tex Perkins In Profile

4BC Nights  The man in black

4BC Nights : Tex Perkins joins Walter Williams in profile. 

State politics in the studio

4BC Mornings State politics in studio

4BC Mornings: 4BC Morning's Patrick Condren is joined by Treasurer Tim Nicholls and ALP MP Yvette D'Ath.

Federal senate inquiry into the Newman Government

4BC Mornings Newman gov subject to senate inquiry

4BC Mornings: The Palmer United Party, The Greens and The ALP have bandied together to launch a federal senate inquiry into the Newman Government.

Should we keep kids back a grade?

4BC Breakfast  Should we keep kids back a grade

4BC Breakfast: Should struggling primary school students be kept back a grade?

Red tape reduction worries


4BC Drive: Doctor Peter Catt says the Queensland Government's recent gambling red tape reductions are harming communities.

Overcoming year 12 stresses


4BC Drive: Psychologist, Doctor Emily O'Leary, provides some tips to help students manage the stress and anxiety associated with year 12.

Bill Bailey's 'Limboland'

Bill Bailey

4BC Afternoons: He’s most noted for his brilliant stand-up, and for his role as Manny Bianco in the British comedy 'Black Books'. Now comedian Bill Bailey gives us his unique take on life in a new show, called ‘Limboland’.

Sheppard in studio

4BC Afternoons Sheppard in the 4BC Studio

4BC Afternoons : Sheppard the Brisbane Band responsible for the hit single Geronimo joined 4BC Afternoons before the kick of their Australian Spring Tour. 

Giving health messages a kick

No smoking

4BC Afternoons: Health and industry professionals are gathered at QUT for a symposium which aims to work out how to stop people from tuning out of important messages regarding their health. 

Condren on the Tube

condren on youtube 4BC Mornings: Patrick Condren's thoughts of the day - Wednesday 10th September 2014

Politcal donations

4BC Mornings Political donations

4BC Mornings: Labor and the LNP are taking two very different tactics to raising funds for the upcoming elections.

Climate change expert responds

Climate change

4BC Mornings: Associate Professor William Grey says we should be head the warnings about climate change.

Counter-terrorism raids in Melbourne

4BC Online Melbourne counter terrorism raids

4BC Online: Victorian and Federal police have raided 5 suburbs in Melbourne this morning.

State gov fuelling problem gambling


4BC Breakfast:The state governments “red-tape reduction program” has been used increase gambling revenue according to a report due to be released today.

Remembering Police Senior Constable Dave Shean

Remembering Police Senior Constable Dave Shean

4BC Drive: On 5 April 2001, Senior Constable Dave Shean’s life was tragically cut short when he was killed in a traffic accident, while responding to a crime in progress.


NRL 2014 - Round 27

NRL Tommy's Tips for the NRL Round 27 matches...

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