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4BC Drive: Uber ride-sharing service - have you used it?

4BC Drive: Uber ride-sharing service - have you used it?

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Must Do Brisbane

4BC Drive Must Do Brisbane

4BC Drive: Looking for something to do in the River City this weekend ? Ben Davis speaks to Jodi Panayotov from 'Must Do Brisbane' who gives her pick of activities.

Don Watson's 'The Bush'

Don Watson 4BC Afternoons: For the last seven years, Australian author Don Watson, has been researching a book on the bush and its myths.

Earhart plane part

Aluminium Patch 4BC Afternoons: In 1937, American aviation pioneer and author, Amelia Earhart, was attempting a circumnavigational flight of the globe when she disappeared.

Metadata retention laws introduced

metadata 4BC Mornings: How will metadata retention laws affect us and should we worry?

Longer shopping hours for Qld

shoppiing 4BC Breakfast: A new proposal could see shops in Queensland open as early as 7am and close as late as 9pm throughout the week.

Is Uber legal or not?

Uber You may have heard of the company ‘Uber’ – they are a ‘ridesharing’ service that use a smartphone application to connect passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire.

The Triffid takes shape

The Triffid 4BC Drive: Former Powderfinger bassist, John Collins established himself in one of Australia’s most famous bands in the last few decades.

Support for Direct Action

Hunt and palmer 4BC Mornings: The Climate Change Authority will be kept and will be funded to conduct an 18 month study into the effectiveness of the ETS in countries elsewhere.

Prang and run

Note 4BC Afternoons: Russell White is the Managing Director of Driver Safety Australia, and is a regular on 4BC.

Pets in beds

pets in beds 4BC Afternoons: Do you have any deal-breakers in your relationship? What about pets sleeping in beds?

Recycling bottles for money

bottles recycling 4BC Mornings: A refund scheme for bottles and cans will be proposed to the QLD government

Brisbane suburbs at risk during G20

brisbanepoliceg20 4BC Breakfast: A security intelligence meeting raised concerns that suburbs outside the G20 zone are vulnerable to terror attacks

Issues fined for dogs causing fear

dogattack 4BC Breakfast: Dog owners could soon be fined if their dog causes fear or injury to another person.

Team Brisbane Heroes 2014

Team Brisbane Heroes 4BC Online: The Team Brisbane Heroes Awards were held at Customs House last night. Congratulations to all finalists and the winners Luke Spalding and The Brisbane Force Football Club.

Michio Kaku: Futurist

4BC Afternoons: Futurist Dr Michio Kaku is on a speaking tour along east coast Australia. 4BC Afternoons: Michio Kaku is one of the world’s foremost futurists and is also a key speaker at the Global Cafe, King George Square Wed November 12.

Red tape and dumb things

red_tape 4BC Drive: Red tape is tripping up Australian businesses and costing the economy.

Fuel excise hits rural families hard

fuel excise 4BC Breakfast: According to Independent economic research fellow, increasing the cost of fuel will impact the cost of living, particularly for those living in rural and regional communities.

NASA disaster

explosion 4BC Online: A unmanned rocket carrying 5,000 pounds of supplies and experiments to the International Space Station exploded shortly after blastoff in a NASA disaster.

Spin Cycle

4BC Mornikngs: Spin Cycle 4BC Mornings: Each week Patrick Condren sifts through the spin with two marketing and advertising gurus.

Neighbourly relations are important

neighbourly dispute 4BC Mornings: What do you do when you have neighbourly disputes? Do you retaliate or should you try and make peace?

Music star live tweets birth of his son

Robbie 4BC Breakfast: WATCH: Robbie Williams sing to his wife as she gives birth to their son

Local Hero: Dr Neil Bartels

bushkids 4BC Nights: Out in remote Queensland, Dr Neil Bartels heads the non-profit BushKids, providing medical health care to children in rural and remote areas of Queensland.

Fuel excise hike

hockey 4BC Drive: Joe Hockey, Federal Treasurer, wanted to raise the fuel excise within his last budget, but wasn’t able pass it traditionally - unfortunately it still hangs over us.

Sweat the small stuff

Bernard Salt 4BC Drive: Social change in Australia has made this a very different place in the last couple of decades, from manners or lack of them to menus and Gen Y living at home until they’re 30.

Reef warning

reef 4BC Afternoons: Australia’s Great Barrier Reef finds itself the subject of debate once more, as the Academy of Science has released a warning.

Why run away?

levyh 4BC Afternoons: Children might threaten their parents with running away, but what do you do if they actually carry out this threat and are no longer in the house?

Why protest at the G20?

4BC Drive Security G20

4BC Breakfast: 4BC talks to some of the groups planning to protest at the G20


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