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The Politics of Political Donations

Ben speaks to Greg Hallam, the Chief Executive of the Local Government Association of Queensland about why political donations are necessary and what should be banned instead

The new face of Australian homelessness

Former Age and Disability Discrimination Commissioner Susan Ryan talks to Luke about ageing women in financial strife being the new face of Australian homelessness

8 hours ago / 07:44
Are we designed to be happy?

Dr Ali Walker explains to Luke how our brains are not designed to make us happy

8 hours ago / 09:27
The Generational Shift is Happening

As we see a huge bubble in the population coming through, what impact will it have on the value of property? Demographer Chris McNeill gives us the facts and predicts what will likely happen.

12 hours ago / 06:46
The 2 Biggest Mistakes Property Investors Make

Craig Whaley has studied how property investors work and the most common mistakes they make. He explains why growth normally only happens in 2 out of every 10 years.

12 hours ago / 07:09
Buy Before You Sell – A Good Or Bad Idea?

It is a dilemma that faces many property owners when they need change their principal place of residence. Get it wrong and you end up with two properties or nowhere to live.

12 hours ago / 04:35
The Pain And Gain Report

Kevin Brogan from Core logic delivers the report card on the areas around Australia where property owners have made big profits and big losses.

12 hours ago / 08:02
Is It Time To Buy And Hold Or Renovate And Flip?

Cate Bakos – Buyers Agent – talks about the best strategy for this market. Is it a time to buy well and hold onto a property or can you still make money in the short term with a buy, renovate and flip strategy

12 hours ago / 07:57
Car Advice Car of the Week

Trent Nikolic from joins Julian King to discuss the new Honda CR-V.

21 hours ago / 07:24
Comedian Des Bishop

Des Bishop joins Julian King on Friday Night talking everything from Irish accents to speaking Mandarin. Des’ Sydney Comedy Festival show details can be fouund here.

21 hours ago / 13:12
Food & Wine with Ben Malouf

Ben Malouf joins Julian King for the Food and Wine Show on Friday Night.

22 hours ago / 39:22
Sportszone QLD Full Show Podcast Friday 28th April 2017

Ben Davis, Gary Belcher and Scott Sattler discuss the week’s biggest topics in sport. Along the way they’re joined by Gerard Daffy, Matt Gillett and Eric Hipwood

28/04/2017 / 34:40
UK Report – 28th April 2017

Ben speaks to Sky News UK correspondent Enda Brady about the arrest of a suspected terrorist near Downing Street and what event will see 90,000 people pack Wembley Stadium this weekend

28/04/2017 / 02:21
Crash Craddock – 28th April 2017

Ben gets all the sports news of the day from The Courier-Mail’s Crash Craddock

28/04/2017 / 06:48
Ridding the World of Polio

Ben speaks to Chris Maher, the Brisbane boy who is now working with the World Health Organisation and at the forefront of eradicating polio

28/04/2017 / 08:49
Stephen Moore

Ben speaks to Wallabies Skipper Stephen Moore as the Reds and Waratahs prepare to go toe-to-toe at Suncorp Stadium tomorrow night

28/04/2017 / 06:27
US Report – 28th April 2017

Ben spoke to US correspondent Richard Arnold about the payout United Airlines gave a doctor who was forcibly removed from one of their flights and an incident that happened on a Delta flight

28/04/2017 / 02:33
Is this the worst state for small business?

Ben speaks to John Allan, the CEO of Sensis about a new survey they have released which has rated the Palaszczuk government the worst in the country for small business, despite business confidence being at it’s highest rate in 7 years

28/04/2017 / 05:12
Emergency Landing at Archerfield Airport

After a plane with faulty landing gear made a textbook emergency landing at Archerfield Airport yesterday Ben spoke to Robert Loretan the Professional Pilot Training Chief Instructor who talked the pilot through the event

28/04/2017 / 08:33
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