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4BC Mornings: Brigadier Bill Mellor is leading the bike crackdown.

4BC Mornings: Brigadier Bill Mellor is leading the bike crackdown.

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Winning battle: Losing relations

4BC Mornings: Brigadier Bill Mellor is a former Army colleague of state Premier Campbell Newman and he is overseeing the bikie crackdown. How is it going? 4BC Mornings takes a look.

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14-year-old is state's brainiest student

watson 4BC Drive: Queensland’s brainiest student has been crowned and the Sommerville House student outsmarted 170 finalists in the competition.

South Bank Corp denies "pushing out"

southbank 4BC Drive: South Bank restaurants, cafes and businesses are angry and feel they are being “pushed out” because South Bank Corporation wants a different feel to the riverside precinct.

What is a foley artist?

soundfx 4BC Afternoons: Foley artists recreate the realistic ambient sound and help enhance the experience of a film, discover what a day in the life of this very unusual career is like.

Fatal allergies can develop later in life

allergy 4BC Afternoons: Allergies can have a mild effect on you or they can potentially be fatal. People can develop life threatening allergies in life.

On the ground in Donetsk

Plane part MH17 4BC Breakfast: The black boxes were finally handed over to Malaysian representatives in an effort to reach some kind of closure with this horrific incident.

Condren on the Tube

condren on youtube 4BC Mornings: Today, Patrick Condren from 4BC Mornings takes a swipe at those who are putting down Jacqui Lambie from the Palmer United Party in relation to her 'well-endowed' comments

Hidden bullying

bullies 4BC Breakfast: 1 in 3 ten year old primary school kids are being bullied, and parents and teachers  are missing the vital signs, leaving these children feeling helpless.

MH17: ICAO responsible?

blackbox 4BC Drive: International Civil Aviation Organisations is responsible for the approval of flight MH17's route says aviation expert

Premier apologises to public

newman 4BC Mornings: After a huge swing against the LNP at the Stafford by-election, Premier Campbell Newman apologises and said he is listening to the public.

Manual or Automatic?

manual 4BC Drive: Manual or automatic? It is the question every teenager needs to answer when they learn to drive.

Grandparents the new nannies?

gparents 4BC Afternoons: The Productivity Commission has suggested grandparents to become nannies and get paid for it with the rebate from childcare.

MH17 charity scam

online scam 4BC Afternoons: The ACCC has issued a warning about scammers setting up a Facebook page in the name of MH17 victims.

Means testing for childcare rebate

childcare 4BC Mornings: The Productivity Commission has released a draft report calling for means testing for childcare and asking middle and upper-income families to pay more.

Should Putin come?

Vladimir Putin 4BC Drive: Russian President, Vladimir Putin’s reputation is currently suffering from a worldwide perspective. Should he come to Brisbane?

Bennett returns to Broncos

Wayne Bennett 4BC Drive: The Broncos confirmed Wayne Bennett will return in 2015 as coach for a three year contract, at a press conference in Brisbane this afternoon. Listen now and have your say.

Harsh drug laws suggested

cannabis 4BC Mornings: Independent Senator, Nick Xenophon, is suggesting that Australia should adopt a range of aggressive drug laws, modelled after Swedish laws.

Terrible TV timeslots

TV guide 4BC Afternoons: Time slots on TV seem to be becoming a little sloppy, with programs commonly slipping past their allocated spot. Is the scheduling of networks old fashioned?

MH17 victims: 37 Australians

rebel 4BC Online: In the early hours of Friday 18 July 2014, Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 plummeted into the Ukraine territory killing almost 300 people.

Labor slams government post ballot

stafford 4BC Mornings: Pressure looms over the Queensland Government after Labors success at the Stafford by-election

Death toll rises: Israel vs Palestine

gaza 4BC Breakfast: The conflict between Israel and Palestine rages on with constant shelling in Gaza killing almost 100 Palestinians.

MH17 crash site tampered

crash 4BC Breakfast: Bodies from the Malaysia Airlines crash site are still being recovered, but the area is being tampered with.

Stafford By-Election

stafford candidates 4BC Drive: The seat of Stafford has been lacking a representative in State Parliament since May after Dr Chris Davies resigned. The by-election takes place on the weekend.

MH17 press conference

Julie Bishop 4BC Afternoons: As events continue to unfold throughout the day, 4BC reporter, Jamie McKinnell, was present at a recent media conference at Brisbane Airport held by Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop


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