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Sports Update With James Willis, July 26

James Willis joins Steve Price to take an extended look at the day in sport.

3 hours ago / 06:38
Movies with Alex First

Alex First joins Steve Price to talk this week’s new releases.

4 hours ago / 20:19
Dr Robert Marr and the Case for Assisted Suicide

After hearing from those against assisted suicide, Dr Robert Marr from Doctors for Assisted Dying Choice joins Steve Price to state the case for Victoria’s new laws currently being debated.

4 hours ago / 11:36
Rita Panahi

Herald Sun columnist Rita Panahi joins Steve Price for her take on the news of the week.

4 hours ago / 08:03
Dental Health with Dr. Larry Benge: Wednesday July 26

Dr Larry Benge from the Malo Clinic joins Steve Price to talk sugar in food.

4 hours ago / 04:20
The Courses and Careers Show: Wednesday July 26

Danny Bielik joins Steve Price to take your calls on having multiple jobs.

4 hours ago / 14:01
Be ‘That’ Business Show, July 26

Tim Reid joins Steve Price to talk all things small business thanks to Telstra. Telstra Executive Director of Sales and Service, Brendan Donohoe, joins the show.

5 hours ago / 23:49
Charlie Brown

Ross Greenwood speaks to Charlie Brown and outback farmer Andrew Sevil about life, technology and Aussie ingenuity

7 hours ago / 05:18
Foreign home owners to halve

Master Builders Australia Manager of economy and housing, Matthew Pollock, tells Ross about their report that shows new foreign home owners are set to halve by 2019

7 hours ago / 05:36
Unconscionable and misleading conduct

ACCC Chairman, Rod Sims, tells Ross they’ve taken legal action against Ford alleging the car giant has engaged in misleading and unconscionable conduct.

7 hours ago / 10:09
Inflation cools

Michael Blythe, the Chief Economist at the Commonwealth Bank, talks to Ross about the easing in inflation, and what that means for interest rates

7 hours ago / 03:52
Tommy’s Tips – Round 21

Listener Damien takes on Tommy Raudonikis in this week’s round of Tommy’s Tips and Ben clears the air with Tommy on accusations made by Paul Langmack

8 hours ago / 11:04
Tax Mistakes Businesses Make

Ben speaks to Brad Gunn from Vault Financial about the biggest tax mistakes businesses make

8 hours ago / 04:49
Ford rejects it misled customers

Ford Australia CEO, Graeme Whickman, defends his company from allegations it misled customers about vehicles with a PowerShift transmission, and refusal to provide refunds or replacement vehicles

8 hours ago / 09:35
Crash Craddock – 26th July 2017

Ben gets all the sports news of the day from The Courier-Mail’s Crash Craddock

8 hours ago / 05:40
UK Report – 26th July 2017

Ben speaks to Sky News UK correspondent Enda Brady about how soon the UK will be phasing out diesel and petrol cars and the huge wildfires raging out of control in France

8 hours ago / 02:59
Nearly a Ninja Warrior

Ben speaks to Brisbane’s Fred Dorrington after he got the closest of all the contestants to taking out the title of Australian Ninja Warrior

8 hours ago / 04:16
ACCC Taking On Ford

Ben speaks to ACCC Chairman Rod Simms about how Ford is alleged to have breached consumer laws and the latest on the ACCC’s inquiry into electricity prices

9 hours ago / 09:44
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Ray was sent this video of a road rage brawl which erupted at an intersection in Sydney’s west yesterday  

/ 01:51

Andrew Bolt & Steve Price discuss the day’s politics.

/ 45:19

James Willis joins Steve Price to take an extended look at the day in sport.

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