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John Howard

EXCLUSIVE: Former PM John Howard sits down with Rev. Crews to discuss politics, life, love and of course faith.

Priests, abusers and the confessional

Rev. Crews speaks with Fr. Tom Doyle, described as America’s most reviled priest for his attacks on sex-abuse cover-ups, about reporting abuse clergy hear in confession.

6 hours ago / 08:58
Weddings, Parties, Celebrations Full Show: August 20

Listen to the full show podcast here.

8 hours ago / 42:09
Dick Smith says no more endless growth

Rev. Crews asks Dick Smith why he thinks the future look bleak unless Australia has a population plan. Visit Dick Smith’s Fair Go for more details.

8 hours ago / 05:19
What’s On: Manly Jazz Festival

HELEN LEVER – Festival General Manager CHRISTINA LAMBERT – Operations Manager Novotel Manly Pacific  

9 hours ago / 06:33
160 years since the sinking of the Dunbar

KIERAN HOSTY National Maritime Museum

9 hours ago / 09:50
High Court cases on dual citizenship and same-sex marriage

LORRAINE FINLAY Law lecturer at Murdoch University in WA

9 hours ago / 11:54
Federal government releases new security strategy to protect crowded areas

ELIZA EDWARDS Federal Political Reporter

9 hours ago / 06:16
The Sunday Carve Up – August 20

Listen to it here

11 hours ago / 02:58
Ex-Army officer making a difference in the developed world

Ex-Army officer Wade Tink, talks to Ross about how his time in the army it led to him buying Project Everest, an organisation that creates social enterprise projects in developing countries

17 hours ago / 09:03
Police Diver surfaces after 35 years

Retiring Senior Sergeant Malcolm Jeffs, the longest serving police diver in NSW, talks to Ross about his 35 year career.

17 hours ago / 08:27
John ‘Swanee’ Swan

Legendary rocker, John Swan, talks to Ross about his career, how charity work gave him a new lease on life, and why he’s auctioning off the harmonica used in Billy Joel’s ‘Piano Man’, to help a young boy with severe autism

17 hours ago / 09:38
Worst Australian discretionary income growth in 25 years

Nick Tarrant, IBISWorld Analyst, talks to Ross about why Australians’ discretionary income is expected to decline for two years in a row

17 hours ago / 07:29
Ben McIntosh

This week on Life and Technology, Charlie spoke to Vodafone Director of Consumer Business Unit, Ben McIntosh about how Vodafone is shaking up the mobile service industry.

18 hours ago / 10:30
Chris Horne

This week on Life and Technology, Charlie learned about the art of storing wine from National Sales Manager – Vintec, Chris Horne

18 hours ago / 10:16
Michael Menzies

This week on Life and Technology, Charlie looks into the Ozepod from CEO of Remember Creative, Michael Menzies.

18 hours ago / 08:11
Understanding the property cycle

What is the property cycle doing right now? It is made more complicated because supply and demand varies so much around the country, and that is what impacts the cycle. So how do you read it? Damian Collins joins Kevin.

19 hours ago / 06:35
Settlements go totally paperless

Property Lawyer Claire Martin made history last year, by completing Australia’s first fully electronic property sale. The exchange of contract and property went fully on-line.

19 hours ago / 06:47
Standing Behind The Auctioneer

Get some insider secrets about bidding at auction, from Queensland’s Auctioneer of the Year.

19 hours ago / 03:41
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Ray Hadley pays tribute to Sydney radio icon Gary O’Callaghan, who has passed away, aged 83.

/ 10:53

Alan talks to the Wall Street Journal columnist about Donald Trump and the world political scene

/ 11:21

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/ 11 hours ago

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