Talking Brisbane

Love in a time of Tinder

How has Tinder changed dating?

Ben speaks to Matchmaker and Dating Expert, Jane Donovan about the Tinder effect

A Second CBD?

Could Springwood be the south east's second CBD?

Ben speaks to the Mayor of Logan about the possibility of turning Springwood into a CBD

New Dinosaur discovered in the Australian outback

David Elliott spoke to Chris Smith

Chris speaks with David Elliot about discovering the new Dinosaur species.


Dennis Shanahan spoke to Chris Smith

Chris speaks with Dennis Shanahan, Political Editor of The Australian about the row between Turnbull and Abbott over ‘guns for votes’.

Ray Hadley: Snake on the rough

John sent Ray this photo of a red-bellied black snake on the seventh hole at the Castle Hill Country Club

John sent Ray this photo of a red-bellied black snake on the seventh hole at the Castle Hill Country Club

Open for Business

A review is currently under way for QLD retail trading hours

Ben asks Nick Behrens from the CCIQ if opening hours should be left to businesses to decide

In the Ring with The Hornet

Jeff Horn will face off against German boxer Rico Mueller on Friday night

Ben checks in with Jeff "The Hornet" Horn after his weigh in for tomorrow night's match

Chris Smith: Andrew Bolt

Andrew Bolt spoke to Chris Smith

Andrew joined Chris for their weekly chat

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New Beginnings

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Healthy And Happy At Home

An informative series hosted by Joanna Maxwell that takes a look at the stories of everyday real people choosing to live life on their own terms as they get older.

My Active Life

Find out how Christine said no to osteoarthritis. Click here to watch her story.

Work. Life. Money

Following the success of Ross' Money News program, we have a weekend Show that focuses on work, life and money.


Tabcorp & Tatts Merger

Ross Greenwood speaks to Tabcorp CEO David Attenborough about the merger between Tabcorp and Tatts

Fortescue Quarterly Results

Nev Power spoke to Money News

Ross Greenwood speaks to the CEO of Fortescue, Nev Power, about their quarterly production results

Ausgrid Sale

Gladys Berejiklian spoke to Money News.

Ross Greenwood speaks to NSW Treasurer Gladys Berejiklian about the Ausgrid sale


Alan Jones: Heston Blumenthal

Heston Blumenthal spoke to Alan Jones

Alan is joined in the studio by one of the world’s great chefs

Alan Jones: Andre Rieu

Andre Rieu spoke to Alan Jones.

The King of the Waltz calls in from Brisbane to talk about his Australian tour

Alan Jones: Matt Hirst

Matt Hist spoke to Alan Jones.

Alan is joined by the Queensland opera singer to talk about his battle with brain cancer and his debut album

Brisbane Live: James Blundell

James Blundell joined Ben in studio to sing Hills of Brisbane

James Blundell joins Ben in studio for a chat and a tune

Brisbane Monopoly Unveiled

Brisbane Monopoly has finally been launched

One of the creators of Brisbane Monopoly joins Ben in studio for a tour of the board

Alan Jones: Barry Gibb

Barry Gibb spoke to Alan Jones.

The legendary singer joins Alan to talk about his new album and his Australian tour next year