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4BC Drive: Kylie Brown with her husband, Johnathon.

4BC Drive: Kylie Brown with her husband, Johnathon.

Feature Article

Post natal depression

4BC Afternoons: Kylie Brown, the wife of former Brisbane Lions captain, Jonathan Brown, has made public her struggle with post natal depression.

Show Highlights

House of Karls

Dr Karl 4BC Drive: In the last 33 years, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki has penned 36 books covering a large range of mind-boggling subjects.

Friday Drinks

4BC Drive: Friday Drinks 4BC Drive: Time for Friday Drinks. Every Friday afternoon 4BC Drive chats with wine blogger, Steve from QWine. This week the focus is on Yarra Valley Pinot.

Must Do Brisbane


4BC Drive: Looking for something to do in the River City this weekend ? Ben Davis speaks to Jodi Panayotov from 'Must Do Brisbane' who gives her pick of activities.

Palmer walks out on interview - again

Watch: Clive Palmer stormed out of an interview because he didn't like the questions. WATCH: Clive Palmer has again walked out of a TV interview, refusing to talk because the questions didn't suit him.

The Schoolies debate

Schoolies, lots of fun 4BC Breakfast: Schoolies, a week-long celebration for high school graduates, have parents concerned for their safety.

G20: Big Picture Retrospective

Colour Me Brisbane 4BC Online: Take a look back at the G20 in pictures

Medical marijuana for epilepsy

Medical marijuana 4BC Drive: Leading world medical specialists converged in Brisbane for the fifth annual Queensland Epilepsy Symposium and medical marijuana was one of the hot topics.

Asbestos conference

Asbestos 4BC Drive: The first International conference on Asbestos Awareness and Management concluded this week.

Pitt meets Pitt

Turia Pitt 4BC Afternoons: Turia Pitt is an Australian mining engineer, burns survivor, motivationalist and author and for her, this year has been huge.

Man backstrokes in puddle

Swimming man 4BC Online: The storm might have driven people to run indoors and under cover, but this man was determined to backstroke in a puddle. Watch the video here

No death duties

funeral bond 4BC Mornings: Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls has ruled out any new taxes, tax increases and reintroducing death duties.

Vibrant chance

Vibrancy 4BC Drive: The Rolling Stones performed in Brisbane, and one local choir had the chance of a lifetime.

Pauline Hanson to stand at next state election

Pauline Hanson 4BC Online: Pauline Hanson confirmed she will be returning to politics to head the One Nation party, and will at next year's Queensland state election.

Spin Cycle

4BC Mornikngs: Spin Cycle 4BC Mornings: Each week Patrick Condren sifts through the spin with two marketing and advertising gurus.

Blinded by optimism

Storms 4BC Breakfast: Australians are under false pretence when it comes to disasters in their country, most people are not aware of the magnitude of the event.

Major storm and flash flooding

Flash Flood 4BC Online: Reports are coming in from around Brisbane about damage and flash flooding due to the current storm - see the pictures inside.

Fresh ideas at Banquet on the Belt

chef 4BC Nights: The Banquet on the Belt is an annual event that features lots of local produce and yummy dishes.

Schoolies advice

Schoolies 4BC Drive: Dr Arne Rubenstein is a medical doctor/counsellor/mentor who's run rites of passage camps for teens and their parents for over two decades.

Police arrest video goes viral

arrest video

4BC Breakfast: Video footage has emerged on social media, showing a disabled man and a woman being arrested by police in Brisbane. The video has gone viral.

Brutal beauty regimes

Tracey Spicer 4BC Afternoons: Tracey Spicer, from Sky News, stopped and looked at her makeup routine after her daughter questioned her.

Fatal shooting at Kippa-Ring

Fatal shooting at Kippa-Ring

4BC Breakfast: Police officers have shot and killed a man at Kippa-Ring this morning. 

Pilot's final flight


4BC Mornings: The world's longest serving commercial 747-400 Pilot has retired, after conducting his last flight earlier this week with his son, also a Pilot, by his side.  

Bosses covering for bad drivers

speed camera

4BC Mornings: Some businesses in Queensland are covering for employees that speed in company cars. They companies are copping the fines, electing not to dob in the driver. 

Free Trade Agreement

Xi Jinping 4BC Drive: Australia has signed a Declartion of Intent with China for an eighteen billion dollar Free Trade Agreement - this is a game-changer! Ben Davis looks at the outcome.

Child transgender law

Transgender 4BC Afternoons: The subject of transgender can be taboo, especially so when it comes to discussing children.

G20 security operation ran smoothly

g20 police 4BC Mornings: According to Queensland Police Service, the G20 Summit was "Australia's biggest security operation in Australia's history", so how did officers go?

QANTAS Retro fit

QANTAS retro 4BC Online: 4BC has the first pictures of the Qantas "RETRO" Boeing 737 jet,  as it leaves the Seattle paintshop on its way to Australia.

Galilee project backed by Qld Gov

india and newman 4BC Mornings: Queensland Government will fund the railway project between the Galilee mine and Abbot Point coal terminal, after talks with Indian Prime Minister.


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