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Father fighting for justice after daughter killed by ‘careless’ driver

Glynn Harnell is fighting for ‘negligence driving’ laws in Queensland after his daughter was killed by a ‘careless’ driver.

Families who have lost loved ones in traffic accidents are another step closer to a change in legislation with a powerful Queensland government committee recommending a new charge of negligent driving be introduced.

A negligence law would mean harsher penalties and possible criminal charges for offending drivers.

The careless driving law has a maximum jail-time of six months but rarely gets met.

Ben spoke with criminal lawyer, Bill Potts who says negligence charge won’t solve the problem, ‘We don’t make laws to make us feel good – we make them to make us do good.’

Glynn Harnell says the past year has been extremely tough and he’ll fight until the end for justice for his daughter, Yasmin McAllister.

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