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2 hours ago / 49:42

One of the first responders to the Granville disaster, Barry Gobbe, talks to Natalie Peters, on the 41st anniversary of the deadly crash.

3 hours ago / 12:02

Kel Richards talks about slang in different parts of the country.

5 hours ago / 08:45

India is Australia’s fifth largest export partner but they’re now slapping a 30% tariff on our chickpeas. Aussie chickpea farmers fear up to 83,000 tones of their crop could be stranded at sea until the debate of the tariff is settled. Agriculture Minister David Littleproud is set to fly out to Dheli on Saturday to […]

14 hours ago

Taronga Zoo Senior Vet Larry Vogelnest provides an update on the swamp wallaby that hopped across the Harbour Bridge yesterday morning.

17/01/2018 / 05:27

You just can’t plan something like this, but a former Wallabies player was at the centre of what went down on the Harbour Bridge yesterday. Former Wallabies captain Nick Farr-Jones tells Michael McLaren how he played a role in capturing the runaway marsupial. “Oh mate, we couldn’t stop him. I tried my best to help the police. […]


Listen to 2GB callers tell Natalie Peters they sighted a small kangaroo or wallaby on the Harbour Bridge at about 5 o’clock this morning.

16/01/2018 / 06:42

Minister for the Environment and Energy Josh Frydenberg says the global electric car revolution is coming to Australia. There are approximately 4,000 electric vehicles on the nation’s roads, making up a measly 0.1% of new vehicle sales. A small amount when compared to countries like Norway where electric cars make up 20% of new sales. Michael […]


A new ABS survey shows a 99% increase in childcare costs since 2000 putting pressure on families. Michael McLaren speaks with Minister for Education and Training Simon Birmingham about these rising costs. “There’s no doubt childcare fees have grown too fast over recent years. “We saw significant rates of fee growth during the time the Labor […]

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