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Killer Kids: Are children born evil?

It’s difficult to fathom a child committing a serious crime, especially a vicious crime.

“What on earth was going through their minds at the time?” asks Chris Smith.

This is one of the questions world-famous parental expert Jo Frost explores in her latest series, Killer Kids.

In the four-part documentary series, Jo speaks with neuroscientists, criminologists, families and journalists who followed some of these heinousness crimes.

“It doesn’t sit well with any of us… it questions the fact of this controversial subject that we have, are children born evil?

She tells Chris there is a curiosity to understand why children go on to commit murder.

“I want to know.

“I wanted to do a very well-rounded program that allowed me to go on this journey and take the viewers on a journey.”

Listen to the full interview below

Killer Kids airs Tuesday nights on Crime and Investigation on Foxtel