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Will 5G make the NBN obsolete before it begins?

The National Broadband Network has been ridden with issues, delays and loss, but will it even matter with the introduction of 5G?

In a statement released Monday by NBN Co outlining its half-yearly profits, the company says it is on track to deliver.

But that main issue at hand is 5G, which both Telstra and Optus announcing they wish to roll out the technology over the next 12 months, promising speeds far greater than those promised by the NBN.

Ross Greenwood speaks with Nigel Pugh from Venture Insights.

Mr Pugh tells Ross in their research, they found more people are looking to ditch the NBN for a completely wireless network.

“30% of them said they would consider switching.

“That reflected… the growing acceptance of using wireless to access the internet, and also some doubt about NBN service quality.”

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