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‘What sort of bastardry is this?’: Ray Hadley fires up over treatment of dying father

Ray Hadley has raised the plight of a terminally ill Brisbane father of four hoping for an urgent exemption to be reunited with his young children from Sydney.

Ray was contacted by the distraught parents of the 39-year-old man, who say they are desperate for Queensland Health to see sense and allow his children to see their dad and cross the border.

“This is a man who is confronting death,” Ray said.

The family were told they could have one adult and one child who would be picked up at the border, taken to visit for one hour and then returned back at the border.

“What sort of bastardry is this? What sort of world are we living in, in Queensland? If that’s the best you can do.

“I hope that [Health Minister] Steven Miles will be shamed into making a decision for this family.

“And so he should be shamed.”

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Local Cowper MP Pat Conaghan told Ray he was made aware of the “terrible” story.

He said the man’s children are aged between 7-13.

“There’s been a month wasted because of the lack of compassion by the Queensland Government,” he said.

“We are getting evidence of his illness and his current state at the moment so we can get the Prime Minister to go to Queensland Health and say this is critical, these kids have to see their dad, their dad has to see them.”

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Queensland Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington said it was a sad, terrible case.

“What we are asking for from the Premier is to show some consistency, some compassion and some common sense in these decisions,” she said.

“Surely to goodness his family can come and see him?”

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