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‘We’re in a man-made drought here’: The failings of the NSW government

The disastrous Wagga Wagga by-election loss saw the previously stable Liberal seat lost by a swing of almost 30 per cent.

The Liberal Party has held the safe Riverina seat for over six decades since 1957.

This recent loss signals major policy issues in the Gladys Berejiklian government, with Alan Jones highlighting they simply don’t “want to listen to the taxpayer”.

Instead, they are listening to “brain-dead bureaucrats” and this has contributed to failings in current and previous governments including “forced amalgamations, lockout laws, greyhounds, (and) the mess in George Street,” says Alan.

“But if you want a wind farm or a solar farm, you’ll get the go ahead… don’t worry about the public.

“The problems at Wagga, that the public voted against, have been created by government.”

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Greg Sandford is a landowner at Deniliquin who had his groundwater entitlement cut due to government rulings backed by “no community consultation”.

Greg tells Alan “the problem with taking our water is the flow-on effect that we can generate from that water…it’s not just the farmers that suffer.”

“We’re in a man-made drought here.”

Another issue facing the embattled NSW state government is the Westconnex, “this is the CBD and the southeast light rail debacle, Gladys, on steroids,” says Alan.

Kate Coris, a listener and resident impacted by the Westconnex project, tells Alan her home is being invaded by the government and she now lives with the windows of her home permanently closed due to the pollution caused by the development.

“They’re expecting us to have installed mechanical air filters to replace the fresh air that we get from 15 windows.

“Our life at the moment is very bleak and our future is very bleak because the Westconnex has ruined our home,” Kate tells Alan.

“And then they wonder why 75 per cent of people who voted on Saturday didn’t vote for them…just unbelievable,” says Alan

“The problems that they’ve run into in Wagga are made by the government.”