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Vitamin giant sees profits soar thanks to sales in Asia

Vitamin giant Blackmores has seen a major jump in their share price, as the company reported a 19 per cent increase in their full-year profit.

Much of Blackmores’ success has been off the back of strong demand from Asian countries.

The vitamin maker saw a 22 per cent boost in their sales in China alone.

Blackmores CEO Richard Henfrey tells Ross Greenwood they’ve experienced volatility in recent years, but this year’s result shows return to “stable, normal growth”.

When asked why Blackmores products are so popular in Asian nations, Mr Henfrey says it’s a combination of having a strong brand and selling natural products.

“Consumers across Asia are very familiar with the idea of natural and traditional products to help them with prevention of chronic disease and other health issues.

“In most Asian societies, there’s very much more openness to the type and modality of health care.”

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