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Uber competitor says ‘rideshare is modern slavery’

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There are as many as five million Uber trips per month around Australia.

But the rideshare company now has competition, with Taxify, launching in Sydney today.

But another company who is competing for market space is Ingogo, and Founder Hamish Petrie joins Ross Greenwood.

While Uber and other competitors give estimated fares, Ingogo offers fixed-rate services.

“What a lot of people don’t realise is that taxis have improved radically.

“We weed out the poor drivers so you’re getting a quality driver and a quality car for a fixed fare.

“Rideshare is modern slavery. You’re seeing drivers earning $6 to 7 an hour net after all their costs, and that’s well below the award wage.

“I think people have got to question whether they want their money offshored to a tax haven or if they want to support local business.”

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