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The $1000 Project: How you can take control of your finances

Can Australians take back control of their finances despite the rising cost of living?

Financial planner Canna Campbell is someone who took back control.

She shares her tips and tricks in her new book, The $1000 Project.

“It’s simple common sense but it’s something I think we can all apply,” says Chris Smith.

He speaks with Canna who managed to save a whopping $32,000 in one year.

“Not a dollar of that money though came out of my savings or my salary.

“I looked at ways of earning extra money that I could then put towards this financial goal.

“I left no stone unturned. I sold things on eBay, Gumtree, I did market research, I occasionally rented my house out on Airbnb.”

Canna says the key to achieving a big financial goal is to break it down into small, manageable goals.

“I took one big goal and broke it down into bite-size, manageable, and therefore achievable goals.

“I just focused at $1,000 at a time.”

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