Telstra workers leave pile of rubbish outside customer’s house


A listener has contacted The Ray Hadley Morning Show after Telstra workers failed to clean up after themselves.

Frank has appealed to Ray Hadley for help after the NBN workers left a pile of rubbish outside his house yesterday.

He says he can’t get Telstra to come and clean up the mess (full email below).

Ray says it’s just unbelievable.

“They just left it lying out the front for someone else to get.

“It’s simply unacceptable, and any decent tradie… would clean up after themselves.”

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See Frank’s email below

“Good morning Ray. Sorry to bust your chops, but can you help me out.
This morning I woke up to this pile of rubbish left behind by Telstra nbn workers yesterday afternoon. 
I rang and complained about it and was told that my line at home was old technology and it was no good. So I continued to tell the girl, who Beatle understood me, as I could not understand her either, that all I want is for Telstra to come and collect their rubbish.
Could you please tell me who to contact because there is not much on complaining departments with this automated answering services.
Thank you very much. Love your show, and all your colleagues shows. Keep up the great work you all do. 

Best wishes,