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‘Team Australia moment’: ATO warns people against rorting the system

Employers and workers are being warned they will be caught if they try to rort the new JobKeeper scheme.

Almost 400,000 employers have registered their interest in the program, that will see the government give them $1,500 per employee, per fortnight, to keep people in work.

Australian Taxation Office Client Engagement Group Second Commissioner Jeremy Hirschhorn tells Ray Hadley they have put in checks and balances.

The system is designed to ensure claimants had reported to the tax office by the beginning of March, and data scientists are crunching the numbers to make sure each application is fair.

“We really want to make it as easy as possible for those who deserve it to get it, and hard, or impossible, for those outside.

“Most Australians are honest and recognise this is a team Australia moment.

“When we catch you, if you’ve been trying to rort this system, there will be extremely severe consequences.”

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