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‘Some of those bed-wetting MPs, can be swayed’: Ray urges listeners to contact their local member

It appears the government is being reduced to shambles after news broke that a challenge to the Prime Minister’s leadership was underway.

When Ray Hadley broke the news that a challenge to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership was on its way, it started a stampede of information supporting his reports.

A new poll shows support for the government has crumbled giving Labor a 10 point lead over the Coalition.

The Fairfax Ipsos survey also reveals government is trailing Labor 55 to 45 per cent after preferences.

The survey comes as cabinet ministers held a crisis meeting in Canberra overnight to discuss energy policy amid internal unrest over both the plan and leadership.

It’s thought Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton now has the numbers to successfully challenge the PM for the top job.

“For the first time, Malcolm Turnbull knows he’s in strife.”

Despite politicians have the ultimate say in a leadership spill, Ray is urging listeners to have theirs.

“If you are unhappy with the government… tell them what you think,” he says.

“I assume you, some of those bed-wetting MPs that still supporting Mr Turnbull can be swayed if they think you’re going to send them packing.”

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