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‘Shoctober’ campaign urges workplaces to be prepared for cardiac arrest

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New guidelines for defibrillators have been published, and getting it right can be the difference between life and death.

Cardiac arrest kills 33,000 Australians every year – more than breast cancer, car crashes and gun deaths combined.

Cardiac Arrest Survival Foundation director Dr Graeme Peel says defibrillators are a crucial part of every workplace.

“The Shoctober message is: get a quality defibrillator for your workplace, register it, maintain it, in accordance with the guidelines, so that we know it’s there, we know it works, and we have people trained to use it.”

Most modern defibrillators are easy to use, administering an electric shock automatically.

Dr Peel says by doing confidence training with employees, “you’re virtually guaranteed of a positive result.”

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