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Should Rolf Harris mural be removed?

Image: Warrnambool Standard

Artworks created by convicted sex offender Rolf Harris are creating controversy.

There are calls for one particular mural at Warrnambool’s Lighthouse Theatre in Victoria to be removed.

In 2015 the local council voted to cover up the mural with black perspex.

Some people say the mural should be removed completely, saying it celebrates the work of a convicted sex offender.

But despite condemning the actions of Harris, CEO of Warrnambool City Council Bruce Anson says, “the Nazis did the same thing in Germany in the 1930s,” by completely erasing a piece of history.

Warrnambool City Councillor Peter Hulan tells Chris Kenny he wants it gone.

“It’s unsatisfactory to put it behind a piece of perspex, hiding it, which I think is what’s been going on with sexual abuse by many organisations.

“I believe it’s time we made a stand and said this sort of behaviour is totally unacceptable.”

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Chris Kenny