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Referendum to split Queensland in two

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The Katter Australia Party is pushing for a referendum for north Queensland to become it’s own state, with the “decline and decay” of industries in the region. 

KAP leader Robbie Katter told Neil Breen it would benefit the state and the national economy.

Asked about whether he would broker a deal with one of the major political parties to form government, he said they would be “pushing hard” for north Queensland’s statehood.

“I am often called a whinger in parliament … we are struggling for basic essential services out in remote areas and up in the western and north Queensland areas, there’s one way to stop that – let us pay for ourselves and take us out of the budget.

“I have a front row seat to the decline and decay of industries in these regional areas, that’s because there’s an indifference.”

He suggested a 300-kilometre ring around the south-east of the state.

“You need someone a lot smarter than me to figure it out.”

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