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Ray Hadley unleashes on ‘reprehensible’ plumbers for ripping off elderly woman

Ray Hadley gets plenty of emails from listeners wanting to expose cheats, but this one has taken it to a whole new level.

A concerned listener tells Ray a plumbing company ripped off his 81-year-old neighbour to the tune of hundreds of dollars.

The elderly woman, whose husband has been in hospital for half a year, needed help to fix a leaky kitchen tap.

The furious listener, a tradesman himself, tells Ray the job was completed in 30 minutes but cost $700!

Ray Hadley gave the company one hour to rectify their actions before he named them on-air but, unbelievably, they’ve defended the charge, saying the customer agreed to the price.

Big mistake!

“Is that what your business represents? Ripping off 81-year-old ladies whose husbands are in nursing homes?”

Mariam from Plumbing Detectives even had the nerve to attack Ray’s involvement, saying the matter was “between us and the lady involved”.

“Well, I’ve got news for you Mariam. It’s not anymore,” Ray says.

“I’ll be talking to the Department of Fair Trading about your reprehensible behaviour in relation to this 81-year-old lady.”

Now, Better Regulation Minister Matt Kean has stepped in as well.

“Let’s throw the book at them! If they’ve done the wrong thing we’ll come after them,” Mr Kean promises.

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