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Ray Hadley takes on producer Taylah in skinny jean battle

Who wore them better?
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Early this morning, Ray Hadley made a grave fashion mistake and he’s paying for it big time.

It all started when he went shopping for some winter clothes a few weeks ago.

Along with some slacks and new golf gear, Ray grabbed a half a dozen pairs of blue denim jeans without a second thought.

But at 3:30 this morning, while getting ready to head into the station, he realised he’d made a grave error.

“I’ve arrived at work, a 63-year-old, in skinny leg jeans.

“They’re the skinny-legged ones Beau Ryan wears, making me look like a hipster dude.”

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Although Ray regrets his fast fashion purchase, the skinny-leg attire appears to be catching on.

Veteran journalist and Channel Nine newsreader Peter Overton admits he’s also coming around to tighter-fitting pants.

“I call them slim-fit, actually,” Peter says.

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It seems journalists and shock jocks aren’t the only ones jumping on the skinny jean trend.

Ray’s 24-year-old producer Taylah was sporting her’s this morning…

Can you tell which jeans belong to ‘The People’s Champion’ and which belong to a fashion-forward producer in her early twenties?

Ray pictured in his skinny jeans (left) and Taylah in her pair (right)

Who wore them better?