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‘Questions need to be answered’: Robbie Katter hits out at state government over bushfire response

The Katter’s Australian Party Queensland leader has hit out at the Palaszczuk Government’s decision to not hold a parliamentary inquiry into the state’s bushfire crisis.

The federal government has announced a probe into land clearing and vegetation management policies in the wake of the fires that ravaged the state this month.

The Palaszczuk Government is standing by their review of the fires and rejected calls for an inquiry.

But Robbie Katter tells Ray Hadley there needs to be a full parliamentary inquiry at a state level.

“The fact is that these national parks… they’re not managed well and they’re creating this enormous risk,” Mr Katter says.

“We’ve been saying it for years.

“Here you’ve got the clear evidence of it, this enormous devastation, and the response has been we’re not going to have an inquiry because [there’s] nothing to see here because no lives were lost.”

He says questions need to be answered.

“If not only just to resolve what happened here in these recent fires, it’s to protect us in future because the problem won’t go away, Ray.”

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