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Queenslanders take ‘David and Goliath’ fight to toll road operator

Lawyers are putting a call-out for Queenslanders who feel they have been overcharged for road tolls to join a class action lawsuit against Transurban’s Queensland branch, Linkd.

Managing director of Entire Group Australia Shane Endycott is one of the plaintiffs, and is accusing Linkd of “gouging” amid a business name change mix-up.

“They’re staying between the years that we changed over, we’d actually accumulated tolls to these other vehicles, unbeknownst to us, that’d grown to about $1300.”

The overdue tolls were swiftly escalated through the courts, he said.

“Obviously we put up no fight to this, and … the amount that was awarded to them was $18,380.

“The collection team’s basically just David and Goliath.”

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Hilton Bradley solicitor Luke Whiffen explained to Scott Emerson he will make the case that Transurban broke Queensland law by charging unreasonable fees.

“For instance, the lead plaintiff in the present action incurred a $1.72 toll, paid that after ten days and paid an extra $23.81.

“I’ve spoken to one individual who ended up paying Transurban $24,000 for $1000 worth of tolls.”

Scott was aghast.

“That’s an extraordinary amount of money!”

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Full statement from Transurban Queensland

We would prefer that nobody paid fees when they travel on a Queensland toll road, which is why we have fee free products available.

We do not profit from fees. All fees and charges are regulated by government and they cover the large costs involved with collecting unpaid tolls.

We have a first time forgiveness program, payment plans and hardship initiatives in place for people who need them. We also have a toll credit program for those people impacted by COVID-19 and to date thousands of customers have received millions of dollars in free travel under this program.


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