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Queensland pharmacies lobbying for more power

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Queensland pharmacists are lobbying the state government for permission to write repeat prescriptions and carry out a wide range of vaccinations.

The government has agreed to consider the proposal, with Health Minister Steven Miles open to the idea of expanding the role of pharmacies in health care.

The Queensland Pharmacy Guild hopes that will be expanded to other types of vaccinations and scripts for drugs such as viagra and the contraceptive pill.

Chris Smith asks Queensland Pharmacy Guild Branch President Twent Twomey if the changes would ignite a turf war between GPs and pharmacists.

“If you ask the average pharmacist in the community and the average GP, there’s a great relationship between pharmacists and general practice at a grassroots level,” says Mr Twomey.

“This type of silly politics tends to just happen in places like Canberra and Brisbane.”

He tells Chris pharmacists should be doing more to support hospital systems.

“Pharmacists can do more to relieve pressure on hospital systems… and quite frankly step up to the plate and do the same thing that pharmacists do in other developed countries.”

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