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Queensland election: Greens hopeful of snagging seven seats

The Greens say they are hopeful of winning up to seven seats in the Queensland election.

Greens MP for Maiwar, Michael Berkman, told Neil Breen there were a handful of seats, like the hotly contested seat of South Brisbane, that the Greens could win on October 31.

“I don’t think anyone would claim we’re confident, but we know we are in with a real shot.

“It’s not just South Brisbane … there’s a handful of other seats where we are at a similar level.

“We are genuinely in a position to win up to seven seats, which would give us an unprecedented platform to transform Queensland politics in favour of ordinary people, rather than those big corporate donors that have quite literally been running the show for far too long.”

He rejected claims either major party wouldn’t do a deal with the Greens to form government.

“We know that any of this posturing from the Premier or the Opposition Leader saying there’ll be no engagement with the minor parties is ridiculous, of course they will do either side what they have to do to form government after the election,” he said.

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