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Renewed push for Queensland to be split into two states

State politician Robbie Katter is leading a renewed push for a new Australian state; North Queensland.

The Katter’s Australia Party MP has written to all local, state and federal representatives in the area asking for a $250,000 feasibility¬†study to be carried out into whether splitting the state would be economically possible.

The party believes a new state would give the north more senators and avoid decisions being made by people who are not from the region.

Mr Katter’s seat of Mount Isa is a whopping 1,800km away from state parliament in Brisbane, and it takes him 10 hours to drive from one end of the electorate to the other.

He tells Alan it’s time for change.

“Since 1859 the US has created close to 20 new states, we’ve created zero, which means we haven’t taken any advantage of federalism.

“Are we supposed to expect that for the rest of eternity, these boundaries that were drawn up stay there forever, and they’re the most efficient way to manage our resources and the changing social fabric of the country.

“I think it’s ridiculous.”

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