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PHOTOS | The Facebook group exporting Aussie humour around the world

Aussies are finding the funny side of their self-isolation, dressing in fancy-dress to take their bins out and posting the pictures on social media.

Over 150,000 people have joined the public Facebook group ‘Bin isolation outing’ in the first week of its existence alone.

Group creator Danielle Askew tells Ben Fordham the group has now attracted members from the US, Canada, UK, and all around the globe.

“Because we are isolated, and even the people who have work… are isolated after work and on weekends, for a little bit of fun we thought ‘we’ll just dress up and take our bin out'”.

From awful fashion to fluffy fantasy creatures, the group’s members are happy to embarrass themselves if it means bringing joy to the wider community.

“It is making so many people smile and laugh… in this hard time we’re going through at the moment.

“If I make one person smile, then my job’s done.”

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