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Palaszczuk headed for victory while Nicholls’ future looking grim

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk looks set to return to power following Saturday’s state election.

The Courier Mail’s State Affairs Editor Steve Wardill predicts Labor will get the 47 seats needed to claim majority government, despite fears One Nation would decimate the major parties.

4BC’s Ray Hadley speaks with Wardill about what to expect.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk seems pretty confident she’ll get to that magic 47 figure but there are a couple of seats in there that are pretty dicey for them.”

As for Opposition leader Tim Nicholls, Wardill says “there’s still a lot of good feeling for Tim Nicholls within the party room.”

“But if he’s going to depend on who is actually in the party room… it’s going to be a pretty tight contest.

“I think he just looks inauthentic and when you look inauthentic in politics, that’s the end of you.”

Listen to the full interview below.