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One Nation leader claims he was offered bribe ahead of QLD election

The leader of One Nation in Queensland claims he’s been offered a $50,000 dollar bribe ahead of this week’s state election.

Talking with 4BC Breakfast host Alan Jones, Steve Dickson has reaffirmed his stance against the large-scale exportation of Australian gas to overseas markets.

“We’ve been sold out in this country. You can buy Queensland gas cheaper in Japan than you can buy it for domestic use. That tells me one of two things, we’ve got incompetent people or we’ve got corrupt people. Australia will have to make up their mind on that.”

Alan Jones, “Is it true you were contacted by a gas mob and offered $50,000 for your election campaign if you found common ground on the gas stance that you’ve taken?”

“Absolutely true, it was sent to one of our staff and he still has the text message.”

Mr Dickson has also promised One Nation will not form government with the Queensland Liberal party if they support the $1-billion Federal Government loan to Adani.

“We’re really concerned about the billion dollars the Federal Government wants to give a multi-national company to go out to the Carmichael mine area for a start. Why the hell would you give money away to a multi-national.”

Alan Jones, “If you had the balance of power, you would make it clear that the loan would be dead on arrival?”

“Absolutely! We want that money spent on the sake of Queenslanders and Australians alone and nobody else, ever.”

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