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Margaret Court demands same respect as Rod Laver

Tennis Icon Margaret Court has insisted she be honoured in the same way as Rod Laver, despite her controversial comments on same-sex marriage.

Ms Court is urging Tennis Australia to contact her with a personal invite ahead of the 50th anniversary of her grand slam next year.

After her comments opposing homosexuality, there has been a push to rename one of Australian Open’s main venues which carry Ms Court’s name.

Rita Panahi tells Steve Price she may have different opinions to Ms Court but that shouldn’t matter.

“People should not be punished or intimidated into silence for expressing a viewpoint like she has. She is completely entitled to her opinion.

“She’s not inciting violence against anybody, she’s saying something that is religiously based.

“She is the greatest sportswoman we’ve ever produced… that is why the arena has her name on it not because of her political beliefs.”

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Image: Getty/Graham Denholm