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LNP Queensland Senator fawns over Green activist’s ‘Midas touch’

Queensland Senator Matt Canavan and Greens founder Bob Brown are embroiled once again in a flippant tit-for-tat exchange over coal mining.

Mr Canavan has invited Mr Brown to attend his pro-coal ‘tribute rally’, dedicated to the leading environment activist, in the mining hub of Clermont.

The Senator explained to Scott Emerson the idea originated in 2019, when approval for the Adani mine was on the rocks until Mr Brown led an anti-Adani march into central Queensland.

“Within weeks it was approved, he’s got the Midas touch on this stuff.

“We’ve got another mine now where a Labor-Green government is refusing to approve, the Acland mine, … so we’d love to have him back.

“The serious thing about this is, what Bob did was highlight the fact the Labor Party continue to dance to the tune of the Greens, and they’re doing that again here in Queensland.”

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Image: Twitter/Matt Canavan, Getty