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Liberal Party ‘has been an absolute champion for women’, says MP

Two female Liberal MPs are hitting out at suggestions the party is anti-women.

In the aftermath of the leadership spill in August, Julia Banks left the government to sit on the crossbench after raising concerns about bullying.

She also accused the Liberal Party of having a problem when it comes to female representation.

Women make up less than 25 per cent of Liberal MPs compared to Labor’s almost 50 per cent under a quota system.

Liberal MP Sarah Henderson is defending her party and tells Chris Smith she isn’t for representation quotas.

“The problem with quotas, of course, is there’s always a question mark over why you’re there.

“I ran in pre-selection back in 2009 against five men and I won that pre-selection.

“And as a result, I’ve never been questioned on that.”

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Ms Henderson says the Liberal Party “has been an absolute champion for women”.

“We are there to represent and to act in the best interests of all Australian woman and that’s what the Morrison government is doing.”

Assistant Minister for Home Affairs Linda Reynolds tells Luke Grant “if it was a misogynist hotbed of people who hate women, I would not be a member of this party”

“But it’s not.

“We have amazing women, right across our party, we just don’t have enough of them”.

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