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Left-wing group calls for ‘divisive’ Mardi Gras ban

A left-wing group is calling for members of the Liberal Party to be banned from walking in Sydney’s Mardi Gras parade.

Pride in Protest, the group behind the ban, also want police barred from the march.

The group’s spokesperson Holly Brooke has pointed her finger at the Coalition’s policies, including the 2017 same-sex marriage postal survey.

She says the vote harmed the LGBTQI community.

“A Liberal float in Mardi Gras sends the message that this organisation can actively fight against our rights but can capitalise on our community spirit when it’s useful for them,” she said.

Chris Smith has slammed the group for being “divisive”.

“Here I was thinking the LGBTQI community was supposed to be inclusive. They’ve been demanding inclusion for themselves for decades but it doesn’t work both ways obviously.

“There are obviously terms and conditions on inclusion.

“If you’re a gay or transgender or bi-sexual you deserve the same rights as everyone else unless, of course, you lean to the right politically, then you’re evil.”

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Federal Liberal MP Trent Zimmerman, who is openly gay, marched in the parade last year and says the event should be about representing “diversity”.

Chris is questioning whether he’d be welcome under the ban.

“Is he not allowed to come?”