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Justin Holbrook urges NRL officials not to be greedy to complete 2020 season

New Gold Coast Titans coach Justin Holbrook has urged NRL officials not to be greedy in trying to complete the 2020 season.

It comes after the NRL announced earlier this week that May 28 would be the date for the competition to recommence.

The format to complete the remainder of the season is still yet to be confirmed with a 15-round season or conference-based system being discussed.

With the NRL season initially scheduled for 25 rounds, Holbrook told The Continuous Call Team it’s important not to go to deep into the year and start clashing with the summer sports.

“We want to get as many games as we can in,” Holbrook said.

“13 obviously is the minimum so we play everybody once and if we get up to 16 or 18 that’s probably the best result I think.

“I think we don’t want to – as a game be talking about November or December, I think that’s the right thing not to do.

“I think that would be I guess getting greedy.

“If the country’s back to normal and we’re dipping into summer sports and all that, I don’t think we need that.”

The Titans have started their 2020 season with two losses to Canberra and Parramatta.


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