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‘Just let these children be kids’: Expert calls for education overhaul

A top education expert says kids aren’t spending nearly enough time engaging in unsupervised play.

Recent research has revealed many children spend either less than an hour a day or no time at all playing without supervision.

Education expert Sir Ken Robinson says it’s appalling kids are either sitting still in school all day or spending their time in front of a screen.

“I think it’s perfectly fair for parents to set some boundaries on these screens.

“You know, this isn’t a human rights issue. It’s not like we’re saying you’re going to be incarcerated for the rest of your life, just put it down!

“The use of screens and social media particularly is contributing enormously to children’s stress levels.”

He says both parents and the education system need to take responsibility for making sure kids spend more time playing,

“This isn’t like we’re trying to solve some unknown disease. We know what works here, I mean it’s worked for years. Just let these children be kids!

“I think we’ve lost our minds.”

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