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Jimmy Barnes pays tribute to guitar god Eddie Van Halen

Australian rock legend Jimmy Barnes has paid tribute to rock star Eddie Van Halen and reminisced about the time he asked him to join Van Halen.

He said it was a “very sad day” after the death of Van Halen, a guitar legend, who died aged 65 after battling throat cancer.

“I had the pleasure of meeting Eddie in the mid-80s in Los Angeles, he asked me to join Van Halen, after David Lee Roth left,” he told Neil Breen.

“I had just made Working Class Man … he came over and asked if I wanted to join the band.”

The Scottish-born performer and author has just released his third book, Killing Time, a collection of short stories.

He likened writing books to producing music.

“When you’re making records, you don’t think about chasing the number one spot, it’s the same with writing a book.

“I just wanted to get out everything I wanted to write.”

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