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Jelena Dokic says injuries in sport are inevitable

This year’s Australian Open has been full of upsets, with most top-seeded competitors out of contention for the coveted title.

The key focus this season has been on injuries after tennis champion Rafael Nadal retired during Monday night’s quarter-final due to injury.

Former tennis star and author, Jelena Dokic, tells Chris Smith injury is inevitable.

“Injuries will always be a part of sport, it’s as simple as that.

“Every year…we’re always going to have injured players.

“There will always be those talks and that debate in how long the offseason is.”

Jelena also commented on Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios’ treatment of his supporters’ box.

“It’s not easy for tennis players and athletes in general. We’re under the microscope really from the media, the public.

“I thought Nick is maturing, he’s handled things very well.”

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