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‘It’s got to stop!’: Peter Dutton outraged as daughter kept from father’s funeral

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton says the Queensland government’s approach towards border exemptions cannot continue. 

4BC Breakfast host Neil Breen has spoken to a 26-year-old woman who is being prevented from attending her father’s funeral.

Sarah is stuck in hotel quarantine after fighting to enter Queensland, from Canberra, to see her father before he lost his battle with cancer.

Sadly, she didn’t make it. But she told, Neil health officials said she shouldn’t even be in Queensland because the exemption didn’t cover her father’s death.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is now looking into the case.

“It’s really upsetting and heartbreaking,” Mr Dutton told Ray Hadley.

“I just can’t understand why the government would put someone through that extra grief.

“This young lady, tragically, will be scarred for life.

“It’s got to stop!”

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