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‘It smacks of a cover-up!’: Ray Hadley blasts ‘abuse’ incident in the NRL

Ray Hadley is calling for serious penalties for Manly player Addin Fonua-Blake after revealing he abused a referee on multiple occasions.

Fonua-Blake was sent off for calling referee Grant Atkins a “f—ing retard” after the video review opted not to award a penalty try to the Sea Eagles in a dramatic 14-12 loss against Newcastle on the weekend.

But the NRL has confirmed the 24-year-old continued his attack in front of club officials in the players’ tunnel, shouting, “Are your eyes f…ing painted on you bunch of spastics?”

The second incident was included in the official match report but the player still faces just a two-week ban.

“It smacks of a cover-up!” Ray said.

“If Grant Atkins and others are subject to this sort of abuse and the NRL accepts it by their Match Review Committee they’ve lost me!”

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Ray Hadley has spoken with Fonua-Blake who was “quite distressed” by today’s revelations.

“I advised him that what he had to do was redeem himself.”

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