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‘It feels like Armageddon’: Farmer’s heartbreaking story as bushfire destroys homes

A farmer has described the Armageddon-like situation as bushfires tore through her home town over the weekend.

Strong winds and drought-conditions caused bushfires to rage across Queensland and northern NSW, with dozens of homes destroyed.

Alan Jones came across a Facebook post by Penny Lamaro, who lives east of Armidale, which describes the horror of seeing families lose the land they’ve worked on their whole life.

See Penny’s heartbreaking post below

Penny tells Alan she decided to write the post after both witnessing and experiencing for herself the agony of farmers who can’t seem to catch a break.

“I got caught in the dust storm on the way home and I fell into bed that night.

“Friends of ours lost everything they had, and I just decided to put my thoughts on paper.”

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Image: Massie & District Rural Fire Brigade