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‘I’m not your friend any longer!’: Lord Jeffrey Archer clears things up with Alan Jones

Author Lord Jeffrey Archer has called in to his old friend Alan Jones after hearing news of his radio retirement.

The legendary broadcaster announced earlier this week he will be retiring after 35 years of radio.

“I’m not your friend any longer!” Mr Archer said, “what are you doing retiring? You didn’t ask my permission!”

“I rang to say that I wish to place on record, on your program, that I have, in my lifetime, been interviewed by some of the truly great interviewers and you sir are among the greatest interviewers I’ve ever known.

“Three reasons: you hate humbug and you’ll prick it whenever you can, you know your subject backwards, and you’ll stand up to someone at any time if you believe in a cause.

“Now, this doesn’t cause you to be loved by everyone and it never will, but my god they will miss you when you go.”

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Image: Getty/Gallo Images