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Heavyweights meet to hash out international 5G network standards

John Stanley

Australia is hosting a conference that will decide crucial details on how the 5G network will be rolled out and the international standards it will abide by.

Teleco giant Telstra is spending around $5 billion in mobile network investment over the next three years and they’re optimistic about the future of the 5G network.

Telstra’s boss envisages the network will result in $12-trillion of economic output globally and will see the creation of millions of jobs.

A conference held on the Gold Coast this week will help hash out international network standards to ensure no one gets left behind.

Telstra’s boss Andy Penn tells John Stanley the 5G network is the “next evolution” of mobile technology and the company is already working to roll it out.

“We’ve already rolled out 15 5G enabled mobile sites and 13 of those are on the Gold Coast.

“The real next stage in this whole equation is we need the device manufacturers… the people like Apple, Google, Samsung and HTC, to build devices that can work on these networks.

“We’re getting it ready now so that we can be trialling those devices… as soon as they become available.”

Mr Penn assures John that the 4G network is by no means dead, and they’re still working to improve the network for their customers.

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