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Good Samaritan’s quick action saves a precious little life

It took listener Susie a week to pluck up the courage to call Ray but she knew she must to pay tribute to this Good Samaritan.

Susie recently adopted two small Maltese dogs.

Last week she decided to take the pups to Rushcutters Bay, in inner Sydney, to stretch their legs. But one of them decided they wanted more than just a walk.

“The little one decided she was going to fly and she flew over the wall and straight into the water. I was in shock,” Susie tells Ray.

Luckily, a passing jogger saw Susie in distress and raced over to lend a hand.

“He took off his clothes, he jumped in. He swam all the way to the end and got out. He said, ‘my wife will be very proud of me’.”

The superman jogger vanished before Susie had a chance to say thanks.

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