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GetUp! boss ‘exposed’ in train-wreck interview with the ABC

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The boss of GetUp! has been caught out in an absolute train-wreck of an interview on the ABC.

The powerful lobby group has been using its influence and wealth to campaign for a left-wing government at the next election.

But it’s been forced to change its instruction guide for volunteers after National Director Paul Oosting was embarrassed on live radio.

When questioned about the guide’s claims that Treasurer Josh Frydenberg was “part of the coup that removed Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister”, Mr Oosting crumbled.

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Faine: “That is either misleading or downright wrong.”

Oosting: “Well I don’t think he became the deputy prime minister by accident, did he?”

Faine: “He’s not Deputy Prime Minister, the leader of the National Party is.

Oosting: “Apologies, he’s the finance minister.”

Faine: “Treasurer.”

Oosting: “I’ll get there eventually.”

There is no evidence Mr Frydenberg played any role in the demise of Malcolm Turnbull, in fact, he voted for the former PM in the leadership spill and repeatedly backed him in public.

Despite being repeatedly told he was wrong, Mr Oosting stood by his claims.

By Wednesday afternoon though, GetUp removed all references to the coup from its Kooyong volunteer manual.

“To avoid any confusion in our calling conversation guide, we’ve updated a line about last year’s leadership change.”

– GetUp! spoksperson

Liberal campaign spokesman, Minister Simon Birmingham, says GetUp have been “exposed”.

“GetUp clearly were exposed there in terms of the type of lies and misleading information that they spread all of the time, but usually not in a forum where they can be held to account.

“GetUp is just the campaign wing now of the Labor Party and the Greens.”

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