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Further allegations against asbestos dump owners

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Ray reveals further allegations against David and Maria Levy, the owners of an “equestrian arena” turned asbestos dump in Sydney’s north-west.

The couple employed environmental scientist Ben Buckley to test soil at the site on Geelans Road at Arcadia and to develop a remediation plan.

On Tuesday Mr Ben Buckley met with angry local residents in Arcadia, admitting he hadn’t tested the full depth of the contaminated fill and hadn’t tested groundwater.

Mr Buckley also admitted the amount of fill to be removed is at least 44,000 tonnes and told residents he has recommended a quick and cheap ‘contain and cover’ approach to deal with the situation… essentially digging a big hole and burying the deadly asbestos.

Proper removal and safe disposal of the material would take six months longer and cost at least $5 million more.

Ray also slams David and Maria Levy for lying about their knowledge of the waste in a dishonest information document created for concerned residents.

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