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EXCLUSIVE | Officer terrified to return to work after shocking alleged bullying incident

A female officer at NSW’s Mid North Coast Correctional Centre is the victim of a shocking case of alleged bullying and physical assault.

Ray Hadley reveals the female officer was allegedly assaulted by a senior male officer at the Kempsey jail.

The woman was reprimanded by her superior over radio after he thought she was being smart with him.

Afterwards, he started yelling to her face and allegedly continued to verbally abuse her before blocking her from leaving the room.

It’s alleged the male officer then attempted to trip the female staff member as she exited the room.

Not only was the incident witnessed by a number of senior officers, it was also captured on CCTV.

Ray has been told a report has been made with an internal investigation unit within Corrective Services NSW, who were also given a copy of the footage.

No action had been taken and the female officer hasn’t been able to return to work because she’s terrified of the officer who allegedly harmed her.

Ray wrote to Minister for Corrections David Elliott asking if he had seen the footage, but Mr Elliott said he was unaware of the matter.

He then asked the minister to ensure Corrective Services NSW Commissioner Peter Severin sees the evidence.

In a statement to Ray, Corrective Services NSW wrote:

“All allegations of misconduct by Corrective Services NSW staff are
referred to the Professional Standards Branch as a matter of

“We respond to such matters in a fair and timely manner. This matter is soon
to be finalised.”

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