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Peter Dutton: Comm Games deserters “need to hear this message very clearly”

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Athletes who have deserted the Commonwealth Games village are being warned they won’t be allowed to stay in Australia.

Eight competitors from Cameroon have been reported missing, but their visas don’t expire until May 15.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton tells Ray they will be forcibly removed from the country if they try to overstay.

“These people, and others who might have a similar objective, need to hear this message very clearly.

“They aren’t going to game the system, they aren’t going to stay here.

“Australian Border Force officers will find these people, they’ll be held in immigration detention until they can be deported.

Ray, “Are they entitled, like others, to just simply keep testing the court, costing you and the taxpayer money?”

Minister, “It depends on the claims that they’ve got to make… but on the face of what I’ve seen so far, we’re concerned about the fact that people haven’t turned up for events when that was the reason they’re here.

“That is taking the mickey.”

Minister Dutton also backed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s claims that he didn’t raise immigration cuts with cabinet.

“He was accurate in what he said and I backed him up.”

Ray called the Minister out for playing games when asked if we should cut the intake.

“I don’t know if you answered my question. The audience are rolling their eyes to me because they normally have the utmost faith in the Immigration Minister to be open and honest with me.”

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