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Dick Smith on population: ‘Rubbish! I’m pro-immigration!’

Former Australia of the Year Dick Smith tells Alan Jones joining the debate and speaking out on high immigration rates doesn’t make someone a racist.

“Entire suburbs in our country are being rezoned for apartments,” says Alan Jones.

“Sleepy residential areas have become Singapore-style mini-cities.

“In New South Wales, if the government has its way, there’ll be more than 700,000 units in blocks of up to 25 storeys built across suburb centres over the next two decades.”

Dick says more people means more pressure on our roads and public transport.

He tells Alan saying there is a need to reduce immigration doesn’t make you racist.

“Being a racist is an absolutely terrible thing, and luckily there’s a very tiny number of those.

“But it appears as if you talk about population, you’re lumped as if you must be a racist.

“The lefties all get up and side ‘Ah Dick Smith’s against immigration!’, Rubbish! I’m pro-immigration…. but at a sensible level.”

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