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Deputy Opposition leader repeats embarrassing gender fumble

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While outlining the Liberal National Party’s economic recovery plan for Queensland, deputy leader Tim Mander has made an embarrassing blunder.

Earlier, Opposition leader Deb Frecklington was forced to apologise when, despite pledging to appoint a new Coordinator-General to oversee economic recovery if elected, she could not recall the name or gender of the person currently filling that role.

“Isn’t it a bit undercutting for your policy if Deb Frecklington can’t name the current Coordinator-General?” Scott Emerson asked Mr Mander.

When Scott Emerson confronted the LNP deputy leader, he too was unable to name the Coordinator-General, and became defensive.

“I haven’t met him, how would I have met him? I’m in opposition.”

“Sorry, Tim Mander, Toni Power is a woman, not a man.”

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Image: Nine News