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Chris hammers teacher who vowed to ensure her students ‘don’t vote Liberal’

A public school teacher is vowing to turn her students off the Liberal Party.

Regina Wilson posted a now-deleted comment on the Australia Education Union Facebook page saying she will “ensure that the next generation of voters in my classroom don’t vote Liberal”.

She goes on to say “Try and take away my rights as a teacher but you can’t take away my voice”.

See her full post below

Regina’s now deleted Facebook post: Daily Mail

Chris Smith is not happy with the move, calling out Regina for attempting to sway the votes of students.

“Well, you don’t have rights to be politically persuasive in your classroom, Regina Wilson,” says Chris.

“Who is this woman to try and convince students who to vote for?

“You’re a teacher, Regina Wilson, leave your personal views at home. You don’t corrupt students with your political thinking, no matter which way your politics is bent.

“Every child deserves the right to think for themselves.”

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