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Cheeky great-great grandmother Beryl calls Ray for help

We’ve got an early contender for the best phone call of the year, and it’s all thanks to adorable great-great grandmother Beryl.

The 82-year-old phoned Ray Hadley looking for a sponsor for her 15-year-old great-grandson. But when Ray probed for more information he discovered Beryl’s hilarious, cheeky and remarkable life.

She has 27 grandchildren, “30 something” great-grandchildren, and six great-great-grandchildren.

“I can’t even remember their names, I forget who they are!” she tells Ray.

The biggest shock came when Beryl revealed her secret life on social media.

“I’m on Facebook and Twitter every day. I’ve got 280 people following me.

“None of [the family] are on Twitter. That’s why I’m on it.”

“You’ve got a little secret life happening here Beryl. I’m going to expose you on Twitter and Facebook you little devil. #Beryl,” Ray joked.

Beryl quickly got Ray back on track though – her 15-year-old great grandson Tyler needs a $1,000 small business sponsorship to be eligible for a rugby league representative team over in New Zealand.

Ray was happy to help, “The Continuous Call Team is a small business, so The Continuous Call Team will sponsor Tyler for $1,000.”

Anthony from Nepean Distributors, a sporting club canteen supplier, also called Ray saying he’d be happy help.

Listen to Beryl’s hilarious call below